What Are the Different Types of Corporate Events?

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Feb 06 2023

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Organisations hold corporate events for a variety of reasons. These events can be used to market a new product, celebrate the company’s success, or even reward and recognise employees for their hard work. Regardless of the purpose, organising a corporate event requires a great deal of planning and attention to detail. 

There are many different types of corporate events, ranging from small, informal gatherings to large, extravagant galas. Depending on the event's purpose, size, and budget, the type of event that a company chooses to host can vary greatly. Here are some of the most popular types of corporate events:


Conferences are large events that bring together industry professionals to discuss relevant topics. These events are usually held in a large venue, such as a hotel or convention centre. Attendees will typically participate in various workshops, seminars, and panel discussions. 

Team Building Events

Team building events are designed to help employees get to know each other better and foster collaboration. These events can range from a simple happy hour gathering to more elaborate activities such as scavenger hunts or ropes courses.

Product Launches

Product launches are held to introduce a new product to the public and generate buzz. These events are often held in large venues and feature a variety of activities, such as product demonstrations and speeches from company executives.

Networking Events

Networking events are designed to help business professionals make connections and meet potential customers or partners. These events are usually held in a casual setting, such as a bar or restaurant, and may involve activities such as icebreakers or speed networking.

Awards Ceremonies

Award ceremonies are held to recognise and reward employees for their hard work and accomplishments. These events are often held in a formal setting and feature speeches from executives and awards presentations.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are events that showcase products and services from different companies and industries. Attendees can learn about new products and technologies and connect with potential customers and partners. Trade shows may also feature seminars and workshops to provide more in-depth information about the products and services being showcased.

Board Meetings

Organisations hold board meetings to discuss important topics and make decisions. These meetings are usually attended by the board of directors and may include presentations from executives and other staff members. Board meetings are often held in private to ensure confidentiality.

Shareholder Meetings

Publicly traded companies hold shareholder meetings to update shareholders about the company's performance and strategy. At these meetings, the board of directors and executives present the company's financials and other information, and shareholders can ask questions and vote on certain decisions.

The Bottom Line

Corporate events are integral to any company’s marketing and branding strategy. These events can range from small team-building exercises to large conferences, product launches and more. Depending on the type of event and the company’s goals, the event may include activities such as keynote speakers, networking sessions, workshops and seminars, entertainment, and more. Corporate events are a great way to build relationships and showcase the company’s brand and products or services.

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