Team Building After COVID-19 

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on May 18 2020

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Team Building

Team building might be one of those things many employees will dread but when you do it right they can be enjoyable, enlightening, and sometimes even inspirational events. But what is team building go

Well like many corporate events things will be minimised quite a bit, you won’t be packing a dozen people into a room anymore. They’ll also be a lot more hand washing involved, and you’ll need enough space to keep up social distancing measures effectively.

The traditional buffet lunch won’t be safe either (sorry) but the good news is holding a successful team building event can still be done! And at 1Entertainment we can help you do it. So, let’s look at what you need to do and how we can help you set-up a successful team building session post-COVID-19.

Know Your Aim

One of the big reasons many people simply loathe the idea of team building sessions is that they have had bad experiences with them in the past. This is because many people treat team building as a simple box-ticking exercise.

So, not much thought is put into the session itself it will usually be a presentation, group discussion, and then maybe a rather unimaginative team exercise to finish the day. While this set-up can work it won’t often excite people very much or really help you ensure everyone receives the training you set out to teach.

Think about more exciting ways to get your message/ aims across to your employees and while that is more challenging due to COVID-19 it can still be done. Think about ways your employees can still work together while maintaining social distancing. These restrictions could even help you come up with a more imaginative training exercise.

Smaller Sessions

Well, we already mentioned this briefly but team working sessions should only be carried out with a safe number of people. The rules of this can be a little difficult to interpret if you have a large open space available then you could accommodate more people but for many people, training is usually carried out in smaller settings.

It’s strongly recommended that you stick to small teams and remember to keep on top of the UK Government COVID-19 Guidance and Support website so you will know if the guidance changes. You may also want to consider using online/ virtual training as well. In fact, let’s take a more detailed look at virtual training in more detail.

Virtual Training

You’ve probably heard about how much web conferencing applications like Zoom are being used these days. And they could be a great option for businesses wanting to carry out team building. Best of all, with virtual online training, you won’t be limited by space either.

You could have dozens of employees take part in the team building from the comfort of their own homes. Virtual team building might seem a little unorthodox after all since no one is together carrying out training exercises could be a little difficult.

But it can still be done, and you can even design exercises specifically designed for sites like Zoom or Skype. Yes, you’ll be a bit more limited in what exactly you can do but virtual training is a great alternative to in-person training and has plenty of untapped potential. It can still be a very interactive experience that will help educate and enlighten employees.

Our Corporate Events Services Can Help!

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic setting up team building for your employees could be a stressful and very time-consuming process which is why our team building corporate service is so beneficial. Now when times are even more challenging our team building service could be invaluable.

We’ve got a wide variety of team building activities and ice breakers set up and ready to go and know how to tailor our approach to help you reach your training goals. So, if you’re having difficulty setting up your own team building we can help.

Team building might not seem like it’s necessary right now but in a time where many workplaces are under more stress, they could be invaluable and incredibly beneficial. So, rather than trying to do everything yourself, you can always come to use for experienced professional assistance.

The post-COVID-19 world will be quite different but team building, and corporate events will still be needed, and we can help you get them safely set-up. If you have any questions then feel free to contact our team on 0207 193 8029 or email us on