Ideas For the Perfect Summer Festival Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 16 2019

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We give you a few great ideas to make your festival wedding the most gorgeous event of the year!

There is nothing quite like a summer wedding...there’s nothing quite like an amazing festival...hold on! Why not combine the two and create a festival wedding? Just think, beautiful weather (not always a guarantee in the UK but we’ll make it work), the amazing blooms, plenty of food, flowing beverages and great music. Add that to the general happiness that comes with it all…’s a great idea right?

But how do you go about pulling together a wedding like this? Get a notepad and pen, Pinterest at the ready and read on for some starter ideas to help you build your dream summer festival wedding. 

A Rural Location 

The first place to start when it comes to organising a festival wedding is to think about the location. It makes sense to aim for a rural location rather than a city location. After all, if you think of a festival you are likely to think about being in the middle of a field. A rural location is really going to set the scene and you can often use it as a blank canvas to create the exact look that you want to achieve. 


One of the most ideal additions to any festival wedding is a marquee. Not only does this work brilliantly with the theme, but also with the idea of the wedding being casual rather than formal. You can also decorate it and make it your own, which is something that plenty of couples are looking for in a venue. 

Garden games

Summer weddings often mean that your guests are more than happy to spend time outside. This means that it would be a great idea to provide some garden games for all your guests to enjoy. Garden games come in a variety of different types, Jenga, Twister, Croquet even a game of rounders, the aim is always to make sure that you have fun. 

You could even take this one step further and go for a wedding-themed bouncy castle. Whilst this may be ideal for the kids earlier on in the day, it won’t be long before you find one or two adults using it too! 

Plenty of Wellies

There is pretty much nothing that screams out festival more than wellies. After all, we are not always lucky to avoid a rainy weekend. Hopefully the sun will stay shining for your big day, however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a pretty pair of wellies with your wedding dress. It also means you're prepared to go out into the field and get those perfect wedding shots of you and your partner having the best day of your lives.

Casual food 

One of the hardest decisions that a couple might make for their big day is the food that they are going to eat. If you like the idea of having a festival wedding then why not try out a different approach to food? The norm is to have relatively formal wedding food, but who says that you have to do this? Why not go for Fish and Chips, a BBQ or a buffet style? All of these things are a great nod to a festival theme and are great fun too! 

Silent Disco

This might not be one of the most common ideas that you see at a wedding, however, if you really want to embrace the idea of a festival theme then a silent disco is a must. You might not want to have this for the entire reception, but you could arrange for one at the end of the night to appease your venue and your guests alike. Plus, you get to laugh at all your guests dancing around to silence! Alternatively, if you’d like your festival wedding celebrations to be loud and proud, set those speakers up, get a DJ with all the bangers in the music library and get dancing!

These are just some of the ideas that you can try out for yourself. However, the thing to always remember is that your wedding day is exactly that, your wedding day, one day that you can make entirely your own and all about you!