Make Your Wedding Stand Out with These Backdrop Ideas

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 06 2022

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You only have a few occasions where you can really go all out and do whatever you want, and your wedding is one of those select moments. It’s important to take note, though, that no matter how unique or crazy your theme may be, you should secure an eye-catching backdrop that will contribute beautifully to picture-perfect memories.

Because you need to have amazing images taken on your wedding day, you have to hire a fantastic wedding photographer and design breathtaking wedding backdrops to ensure that you get some truly stunning and memorable photos.

Below are some of the most attention-grabbing backdrops you can use for your wedding. Have fun with your designs!

The Classics

Dried flower walls: While flower walls are not really that fashionable in modern weddings, you can still make them work by adding a twist—making them dried flowers and leaves! Dry flowers have the advantage of not being overbearing, and their muted tones go well with both dark and light tones. These are perfect supporting wedding backdrops for the real star—you!

Balloons: The beauty of balloons is that they can be used in a variety of ways. You can order them in nearly any colour to match your theme, and you can even be extremely creative with the layout. Arches and arcs, as well as solid balloon walls, are very popular, and they look even better with some lighting behind them.

Hedges: Personalised surname signs have become extremely popular, especially now that they also appear in reality TV shows. When placed against hedges, personalised wooden name signs look stunning and add a special touch to your wedding.

The Creatives

Chalkboard: Chalkboard backdrops are the way to go if you want to go really personal and interactive. You can use them to express your couple’s tale in a unique and imaginative way. Even better, chalkboard backgrounds allow your guests to participate. When you get your guests to sign the backdrop, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind and personalised wedding memorabilia.

Polaroids: Polaroid frames will always be popular because people are all a little selfie-obsessed. Who doesn’t want to see their face immortalised in photos? Polaroids popular with guests, and they make for some unforgettable images.

Decorative wedding vows: Wedding vows that are enlarged provide an ultra-personal backdrop that is uniquely yours. You can be as creative and stylish as you want with how you present your vows. You can have them printed on material, projected on walls, or scrawled on a chalkboard.

The Lights

Fairy lights: Fairy lights are best for evening celebrations. They provide a lovely bokeh effect that truly brightens up your photos. They make everything appear lovely, and they’re also really flattering—showing the bride and guests in their best light.

Neon lights: Neon lights provide a stunning contrast to your daytime images and help to distinguish the wedding from the after-party. The beauty of neon lighting is that it can be used in a variety of ways, whether it’s to spotlight a room or to add a personal touch with personalised messaging.


Macramé: Over the last few years, macramé has been increasingly fashionable. It’s ideal for boho weddings and looks stunning with lace wedding gowns.

Barn doors: Barn doors are downright lovely and blend well with traditional wedding colours. They are the ideal backdrop because these wedding decorations will never grow out of style.


The best thing about these backdrop ideas is you can pick an idea or two and combine them to create something totally unique! You can mix and match the wedding backdrops, depending on your wedding’s theme. Let your wedding planner know of your ideas so that they can work on making them happen.

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