Socially Distant Events: Guide to Host Safe Corporate Event

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 23 2021

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Socially Distant Events

Everything has changed ever since the emergence of the pandemic. The world continues to struggle with the persistent COVID-19 risks. In the current scenario, it is mandatory to abide by the social dis

We can’t stop living even if there is a surge, lockdown, or anything else. Likewise, it is also impossible to cancel all events. When it is inevitable to avoid a conference or a corporate gathering, some safety measures can prove saviour.

As responsible corporate party planner, it is our priority to organize socially distant events to assure the utmost safety for each and every attendee.

You may miss the carousing, the joy of togetherness but the social distancing is still helpful to keep you away from the risk of infections.

In this post, we have included some tried and tested tips to organize socially distant events whenever you want.

Useful Tips to Host Socially Distant Events

Social distancing (also called physical distancing) is a safety measure to maintain distance from people outside the family when moving out of the house. Herein are some creative ideas to keep the attendees safe at an event.

Prioritize Safety Measures

More than anything else, safety is the key concern for the corporate party organisers when planning social distancing events. Following are some measures you can adopt:

  • Request everyone present at the venue to wear masks
  • If possible, motivate everyone to use protective equipment such as gloves, face shields, etc.
  • Make sure to set up a sanitization station/tunnel at the entrance

Arrangements for Physical Distancing

As per the CDC guidelines on social distancing, it is recommended to maintain a distance of at least 6ft (2 arm’s length) from people outside the family.

  • Mark clearly visible spots where people can take a seat or stand inside the venue.
  • There should be at least 3 times space availability. Find a big banquet hall or you may also use outdoor locations.


Clutter-free Set Up

Apart from guiding the guests to maintain social distancing, there should be provisions to avoid mass gathering at any spot. This depends on how well you arrange the various items, seating plan, etc.

  • Use small tables with fewer chairs to keep maximum distance
  • Place food carts, bars, activity stations, and others away from the entrance to make room for passage

Pro Tip: Instead of a giant lounge bar setup, you may go for mobile bar hire London. You may consider setting up multiple smaller bar units to prevent too much congestion.

Opt for Invitation-Only Events

We appreciate your feelings to invite the entire community. It is so important for business propagation and relationship. Drift from the conventional event promotion on social media. It will help you to organize an intimate event with fewer guests.

Stay Connected through Live Events

Nowadays, there are so many ways to launch a live event. You can announce the virtual meet at least 15 days before the event date. There will be sufficient time for people to adjust their schedules and join the virtual event from their own place.

Work with the corporate events management company to organize a live virtual event for the entire community. This way people can still be part of the event allowing you to eliminate the risk factors.

Think Hybrid

The pandemic has left everyone in jeopardy. There are some people on the guest list you must invite to the venue. Whereas there are people with whom you still need to stay connected.

You can have a virtual event with everyone while inviting a few eminent people to the venue.

Choose an Outdoor Venue

When it seems impossible to cut the guest list short, an outdoor venue can be a considerable option. For onsite events, the outdoor venues offer greater safety compared to indoor halls. However, there should be much wider free space all around than you usually consider in normal times.

Think Creative when Choosing Event Activities

You need to be tricky enough to plan some fun activities to keep away from gatherings at the event. This is easy to do in an outdoor garden with lots of free space all around.

Following are some activities to maintain social distancing at your event:

  • Play lawn games
  • Motivate your guests to participate in the fireside activities
  • Organize a sports event*
  • Form COVID bubbles**

* Choose games that need fewer players- lawn tennis, badminton, golf, etc.

** If you have invited the family members of your employees as well, you can ask each family to stay together to form a COVID bubble. Each bubble can stay close together while participating in event activities.

Don’t be disheartened if you need to make some extra arrangements. The corporate event services can take care of that. With professionals around you to do the job, you can focus on aspects of greater value.

Go for a discussion with your event planner to arrange things you may need to engage your guests during the activities.

Virtual Events are the Safest

Many people want to avoid on-site parties these days. We understand that many of you are coping with Zoom fatigue due to work from home schedules.

A day-off for a virtual event on the platform can be the ideal boredom breaker. Just imagine that you all are safe at home while dancing, singing, and partying with colleagues.

From pajama parties to trivia nights, there are so many options to make your event so special.

Final Thoughts…

Socializing plays a crucial role in our lives. It keeps friends close, strengthens the bonds, and has a positive impact on our mental health. As the lockdowns and social distancing norms persist, the on-site events can be a breath of fresh air for the attendees. With these measures, you can have a successful yet safe event.

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