Small Wedding Planning Made Easier: 3 Tips to Consider

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Oct 03 2021

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Ah, getting married: there are many events that one can look forward to in life, and this particular milestone is the most significant. 

After spending quite some time with your other half and going through many highs and lows with them, you’re convinced that they’re finally the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. While you’re confident that you don’t really need a legal ceremony to solidify your lifelong bond, you can never go wrong with knowing that you’re tied to your soulmate forever—and this means that a wedding is in order, sooner or later!

Now that you and your partner have agreed to celebrate the occasion, so begins the process of finally planning your wedding. However, instead of giving into norms and inviting a whole county’s worth of people, you’ve settled on the idea of just having a small, intimate wedding. 

Thankfully, planning for the “micro-ceremony” (a name given to unions consisting of 50 people or less in attendance) isn’t as hectic as you might think, especially when you take the right key pointers in mind.


Tips to Consider When Planning A Small, Intimate Wedding

In recent years, small weddings have become a must-consider for many happy couples because you get the best of both worlds: complete intimacy while avoiding egregious costs. 

When done well, micro-ceremonies can be unforgettable events even though they don’t have more than 50 guests. If you want to have the most unforgettable experience that you, your partner, and your loved ones can enjoy without having to supersize things, here are a few tips for planning a small wedding: 


Tip #1: Be Particular About Who You Want to Invite

One of the most important things to consider when planning a small gathering is your guest list as this will dictate how much you’ll need to allot (and all other details that follow). 

The golden rule of drafting guest lists for small, intimate weddings is to list down your nearest and dearest. This means you each have 25 slots to fill with people from your respective sides. Additionally, you can think about several other factors before you go finalise your guest list, such as: 

  • Whether you want to include “plus-one” privileges for guests
  • How much more you’re willing to extend in case of surprise appearances
  • How you’ll manage friends and family that aren’t invited (of course, this is challenging, but it helps to have a backup plan in place) 


Tip #2: Be Realistic (Yet Accommodating) about Your Budget

When it comes to planning the best small wedding possible, it helps to start thinking about how much you’re willing to spend. Plans for intimate gatherings go wrong because couples fail to set a firm budget, resulting in time constraints, overlooked costs, and poor decisions. 

If you want a clearer idea of how much you’re willing to shell out, it helps to think about factors like where your funds will be coming from and what the cost per head is.


Tip #3: Hire a Wedding Planner If You Want a Smooth Time

Planning a wedding is no small task, and fortunately, this is where a skilled wedding planner can be of immense help.

With everything going on in your life, keeping up with the planning and preparation associated with a small, intimate wedding can be very difficult, especially if you’re strapped for time. If you want to ensure that your special day is seamlessly pieced together, it helps to hire a wedding planner expert like 1 Entertainment! 



Planning a small yet intimate wedding is still challenging despite the lower gets counts and expenses, which is why it’s essential to approach the whole process in a calm and calculated manner. Through the help of the key tips and tricks mentioned above, you’ll be able to ensure that all your time, money, and effort are used for the best outcome.

If you're looking for a wedding planner in Surrey to spice up your event, 1 Entertainment is here to help. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation!