5 Other Services a Disc Jockey Can Offer in a Wedding Party

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jan 16 2022

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Disc jockeys (DJ) have the reputation of spinning good music and ensuring a party or event comes to life. Usually, a DJ performs various tasks, especially if clients hire corporate event packages. But aside from choosing the right tracks to play throughout the night, what else can disc jockeys do?


1. Creates Event Timeline

A wedding planner usually builds and develops the day’s timeline for the bride and groom, but a good disc jockey should also assist in this part. While the wedding planner can focus on other tasks, the disc jockey should record the timeline creatively.

A good disc jockey can create an event timeline that details everything from the setup to the opening to the different games or activities that guests can participate in. In this way, the DJ can lay out the schedule and ensure that everything runs smoothly.


2. Chooses the Right Music For Every Event Segment

There are different music genres available, and so is the choice of disc jockeys. It is important to note that choosing the right music will depend on the segments involved. For example, you need to select classical music if you plan to make a pre-event toast.

In some instances, the couple may opt to have a video presentation in the middle of the ceremony. Good DJs can take this opportunity to play songs that can add meaning to the love story being presented on the screen.


3. (Can) Supply Lighting

Even if you have your lighting for the event, you can hire a DJ with the capacity for supplying lighting. You can have unique lighting that adds to the ambience of your event, and a DJ can assist in the research and supply of the best lighting.

The lighting system should be in good condition as with the sound system. You do not want to end up with faulty lights, so it is essential to check this before the date of the event.


4. Takes Care of Equipment

A good DJ takes care of the equipment he is using, even if he is not the one who has purchased it. He checks the equipment before each event and after the event and ensures that he makes a detailed inspection and maintenance report.

Equipment care and maintenance should be one of the most critical tasks the DJ completes. Take note that the DJ is responsible for the sound system and lighting they supplied. You do not want these items to fail, so it is essential to check the DJ’s equipment and make sure it is ready for the big day.


5. Sets the Overall Mood

A DJ can use background music to set the mood for the event. You can either ask the DJ to play soft and sweet music so that guests can relax before the ceremony or play songs with a faster tempo to get them in the party mood. In this way, the DJ will help set the mood and tone for the event.



When you need the right help for your wedding, choose a disc jockey that can offer you the best service. Your event’s success will depend on the DJ’s experience and skills, so you should ensure that you can supply from the best DJ companies. You might also want to check the range of services a DJ can provide.

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