4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hire an Amateur DJ for Your Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jul 23 2021

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Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, and the ceremony is the beginning of your new life with your lifelong partner. For this reason, many people spend large amounts of money to make this milestone perfect and memorable for them, their families, and guests. 


As much as you want to make your wedding day look and feel grand, you may be concerned about your budget. After all, a shared life means more expenses for your future family. You may be tempted to go cheap when it comes to some wedding vendors. However, it’s best to ensure a balance between affordability and quality.


We gathered four reasons why you shouldn’t hire any old amateur wedding DJ:


1. A Cheap DJ Might Abandon You


Sideline DJs do not charge enough to maintain their business, and since you are contacting them six months or more in advance, they might no longer be in the industry by the time your wedding happens. They may have given up the business already or given more time to a business that pays them more. If that’s the case, they may no longer be interested in showing up at your wedding. Save yourself from the stress of finding a DJ at the last minute and find a professional one as early as you can. 


2. Amateur DJs Don’t Have the Right Equipment


When you hire a DJ, you expect them to include the equipment in their package. An amateur DJ may have the necessary equipment, but you can’t expect it to be of high quality. Some amateurs may not have backups when their laptop or other equipment crashes and when the speakers suddenly act up. 


3. A Professional DJ Is More Invested in Their Job


Chances are, a DJ may ask for a cheaper or free rate because it’s something they do for fun. So an amateur DJ may not be too invested in giving their best. Additionally, they may not worry about committing a mistake because they don’t need good feedback to maintain their livelihood. In return, you cannot complain because you paid an incredibly low rate. 


A high-quality, professional DJ is dedicated to all their clients. They do their best at every event, so all guests have fun all through the night!


4. You Need Someone Who Specialises in Weddings


A street photographer cannot do wedding photography. It’s the same with a DJ. Every professional has their speciality, and since weddings are a unique event, you will need someone who has many experiences and has ample experience in handling wedding entertainment in London. 


Your DJ is responsible for knowing the flow of your reception program and has to play music in time with the dance and the mood of the speech and the crowd. Hiring an amateur DJ may lead to awkward moments or dead air. A DJ is more than just playing music; it has to be the right song for the mood and on point. A provided set of songs won’t be enough. A professional wedding DJ knows how to make even your guests feel the love. 




You deserve a beautiful and grand wedding. But as your budget brings you back to reality, it can be tempting to find all the possible alternatives to minimise wedding costs as much as possible. However, be careful in cutting costs when it comes to your DJ, as it can affect the overall outcome and mood of your most important day. 


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