6 Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Event

By | 1 Entertainment on Aug 03 2021

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Everyone is obsessed with documenting every exciting moment. Whether a special event like a wedding or a baby shower, a party, or simply spending time with your mates, someone is bound to take a picture to treasure the moment forever. That’s why having a photo booth at your next event will take things to the next level—they’re the perfect way to entertain your guests while making fond memories they can look back on after a few years.


Photo booths allow people to reminisce about the special occasion as accurately as possible while helping them remember the event that took place, effectively cementing your celebration in their memory. Here are six reasons to rent a photo booth for your next event:


1. It’s Affordable


The number one worry of many party planners is the affordability of features like photo booths. The great news is that they’re affordable, as their popularity has made them more accessible, allowing you to rent them for any occasion. The cost you pay depends on the length of time and the features you want to offer in your photo booth.


2. It Works Well for Any Occasion


Whatever event you’re planning to host, whether a sweet sixteen, a wedding, a corporate event, or a bridal party, a photo booth fits in perfectly. People will always want to take photos with each other to immortalise the moment, which means you’ll have a long queue of people at the photo booth waiting for their turn, making your photo booth a total success.


3. It Doesn’t Require Extra Effort From You 


You’ll probably be busy running around your event, making sure all your guests are having a good time, so you probably wouldn’t want to fuss about the operation of your photo booth. Fortunately, renting one doesn’t require extra effort from you, as an attendant will be operating it the entire time. They’ll be in charge of organising the props, managing the queue, and ensuring everything goes smoothly. They’ll have their own funny, sassy props to keep the night going and will even have sharing options that allow guests to publish their photos onto their social media accounts. 


4. It’s Customisable


You can customise photo booths to match your event by having a logo at the bottom of the logo strip, making your event more memorable for your guests. You can even personalise the layout to reflect the uniqueness of your event!


5. It Can Fit Your Theme


Another reason to have a photo booth at your event is that they can perfectly fit your theme. If you’re working with a tight space, you can opt for a more small photo booth that still offers the same exciting features as its larger counterparts. You can also customise a photo booth with a full wrap to represent your event or company. With so many options, you’ll be sure to find a booth that works excellently with your event and theme.


6. It Doubles as Party Favours


Lastly, another reason to rent a photo booth for your event is that the photos will double as party favours. Your guests can have their turn at the booth as many times as they want, which means they can go home with a stack of photos that are proof of how much they enjoyed your event. What better party favour to offer than one that commemorates the fun your guests had?




Photo booths add a lot of fun and entertainment to your event while accommodating people of all ages and interests. By renting one, your party will definitely be a night to remember!


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