The 4 Essential Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Band

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Nov 29 2021

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Entertainment is one of the most unforgettable elements there is in weddings. The music your audience hears and the performances they watch add emotional value to the memories they will take home. With that said, choosing what kind of performance you want to bring to your audience is one of the biggest decisions you need to make. 

Among the many options, booking a wedding band is a popular choice by most couples because of their flexibility and the sense of intimacy they bring. The music they play is also a perfect fit for a beautiful night. They can adjust to the moment's needs, whether it needs a romantic sound or party songs to entertain the crowd. 

Should you decide on booking a wedding band, the next thing you should look for is options. Before you commit to a particular band, you need to find the answer to these questions first:


Who Is the Contact Person?

A band is composed of several people. You need to know a contact person who will communicate with the rest of the team. That would make reaching out to them more manageable for you.


Are You Open to Working with the Couple in Building the Set List?

The band you should get must be accommodating to your requests. It is your special day, after all. They should be able to play songs that are special and meaningful to your love story. The last thing you want is to be surprised with the list of songs they prepare for your big event unless you are the couple who loves surprises. The only downside of not knowing the setlist ahead is failing to prevent the band from playing songs you do not want to hear. 

It would be best if the band you choose could give you their setlist weeks before the grand event. That way, you can give your blessing, and they can proceed with their band rehearsals. They would be playing many songs from the start of the celebration until midnight, so they should already have some pieces in mind.


How Do You Usually Work on the Day of the Performance?

You also need to know the details on how they prepare for their performance on the event day. Would they be travelling from afar? Do they need to travel the night before? These questions help you determine whether they need accommodation assistance or how much time they need for the setup. 

Your wedding planner would also need to advise the venue ahead regarding this. Even their attire should be an important detail to note. Ideally, how they look should fit your wedding theme. Speak to them about this concern.


Up to What Extent Is Your Participation in the Event?

If you choose an experienced, professional wedding band, you would not have much problem during the event since they are used to the experience. There will be many cases wherein they need to extend their performance more than what is originally planned. Sometimes, the events team might need to borrow their mics to make announcements or ask them to play improvised music during the program. 


All these are what usually goes on in an event, but whether they are up to these or not should be discussed beforehand. That way, there will be no misunderstandings or heated arguments in between.



Hiring a band is not all about their skills and experience, albeit those are important factors too. Another critical thing to consider is that they are easy to work with, and you are confident and at ease with them all. That rapport could help make your wedding experience better not just for you, the couple, but also for the rest of the crowd. These questions can help you determine if they are the best fit for your important day.

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