5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring the Ideal Band For Your Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Sep 20 2021

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Planning for a wedding often takes months of hard work and preparation leading up to the big day. After all, the perfect celebration of your love as a couple involves layers of forethought from the smaller details like the design for the table spread, the colour scheme, and accessories to fill in the gaps to the top priorities such as the wedding dress, venue, food selection, and more. 

While all the things mentioned above are vital facets that make a wedding special and personal to the couple, other details fill in the gaps in the background yet play a pivotal role in elevating the mood throughout the event: live musical entertainment. 

Every wedding needs good music to elevate different moments and hiring a wedding band can be the perfect choice for making you feel like you’re starring in a music video—be it for hyping the crowd and bringing the groove on, or enhancing heartfelt instances in between. But before you say “I do” to the right wedding band, it’s important to ask them the right questions so you can narrow your options to the best of the bunch. 

Important and Basic Questions to Ask 

1. Is My Date Available? 

Perhaps one of the most important questions is to verify whether the band is available to play on the day of your wedding!

2. How Much Does the Band Cost? How About the Deposit? And Do You Offer Insurance? Does the Total Cost Include Equipment?

The next line of questions can help cut your list down to the prospects that suit your budget. Other than checking for their fees, it also helps to hire a band that offers insurance. After all, complications can happen anytime, so hiring a band with insurance can give you greater peace of mind. 

3. Does the Total Cost Include Equipment?

Don’t forget to request what the package includes since you may think you’re paying bang for the buck, but the band may not include a sound system, speaker, microphones, and other necessary equipment in their total fee. Be sure to ask, so you’re aware of exactly what you’re paying for other than their talent!

4. How Long Will You Play? 

Not all bands are available throughout your wedding program, so it’s just as crucial to confirm their availability for your day. Do you need a live band for the ceremony, or do you only need live entertainment for your reception party? Don’t let these questions hang in the air since your band will need to be present in all your important moments. 

5. Do You Have Experience Playing in Weddings? How Can We See Samples of Your Live Performance? 

Many musicians sound like they can be part of the top-charters on Spotify, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to hype the crowd properly in your wedding. Experience can refine their talent and ability to reflect your wedding’s shifting moods, so if you want a band that can elevate your day’s personality as a couple, it’s critical to hire talents with relevant experience. 

Of course, being able to listen to their live samples can also make a difference since you’ll be able to judge whether their performance meets your expectations. 

The Bottom Line: Hiring the Best Wedding Band that Suits Your Musical Taste

Other things take centre stage in weddings, but music is one of the most important facets that can set the tone for your day. It’s an important piece that can amplify people’s happiness, from creating festive vibes, highlighting your romance to encouraging guests to take over the dance floor until it’s time to go home. 

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