Common Questions to Ask a Wedding DJ Before Hiring Them

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jul 08 2021

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Music sets the tone at different parts of your wedding day, from the moment the bride walks down the aisle to the first dance shared between the newlyweds.

Every wedding celebration has its unique soundtrack. Music sets the tone at different parts of your wedding day, from the moment the bride walks down the aisle to the first dance shared between the newlyweds. The complete shift in emotion that can be brought about with music is the reason hiring the right DJ is so important.

Making the right decision is easier when you have all the necessary information. To assist you in vetting the prospects, we have outlined a master list of questions to ask the wedding DJ for hire before booking. Take a look!


The Basics

First, you have to determine the essentials. The following questions will help you identify the candidates' professionalism and level of experience.

  • Is it possible for us to meet and discuss the wedding plans?

When you meet someone in person, you may notice different cues that you would never pick up over the phone or through an email. Because the DJ you've picked will be such an essential part of your special day, you must enjoy them. When you start talking, we bet you will have a lot more questions than you think!

  • How long have you been DJing professionally?

A DJ who is only excellent after a few pints down the bar might not be the best choice for your wedding. You might want to enquire whether they are a full-time professional or take up occasional projects here and there. Only you and your significant other can decide what is appropriate for your wedding.


The Music

Since you were interested enough to interview the wedding band or DJ, you presumably already know a little about them. This time, you need to learn about them and their style.

  • Do you have a set of wedding music that you always play or sing at weddings?

Enquire ahead of time whether they have a playlist of music that they recommend playing at the wedding. If the DJ leaves it up to you to make that list, make sure to let them know the songs you want to hear on the dance floor before your wedding.

  • What music should we play for the processional or first dance?

It's possible that choosing a wedding song will be something unique to both of you. A competent DJ should be able to assist you without telling you what to do.


The Pricing

One of the most crucial elements in deciding which wedding DJ or band to hire is the price, but it's not as simple as asking for a quote. You should find out the inclusions of the fee. You don't want to be surprised with additional charges after you've signed a contract.

  • How Much Should I Pay for Your Service?

The quality of the DJ's equipment and their level of experience are two elements that can influence pricing. The DJ has a lot more work to do in a wedding (planning, coordinating with other vendors, working with the wedding planner, and more), so don't be surprised if the same DJ costs more for a wedding than for a regular family party.


The Logistics

Finally, talk about the less glamorous but equally important features, such as equipment, electricity, and scheduling.

  • What equipment do you carry? Do you have a backup?

A good quality sound system is essential. Having a meeting with your DJ and wedding planner at the location may be beneficial. Do not forget to enquire about spare parts as well as lighting.

  • When are you going to show up to set up?

This aspect will take a little more consideration than you might think. Some DJs have a lot of equipment, and they may prefer to set up before you come rather than carrying equipment through a crowded room. A wise DJ will arrange for the possibility of unforeseen circumstances such as traffic delays.


Are You Ready to Meet Your Wedding DJ?

A DJ can make or break a wedding, and obviously, you want to make sure your special day is filled with love and enjoyment with the people you hold dearest. Make sure you vet any prospects carefully and consider whether their prices are worth the value they offer to your event. Keep these questions in mind when choosing a DJ for hire, and you will find the right one for you!

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