Ways to Prepare for a Wedding or Engagement Photoshoot

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Sep 12 2021

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Engagement celebrations and wedding planning preparations are supposed to be fun, especially during photoshoot sessions. However, they require grit, determination, and patience. This means you have to invest time, money, and energy into achieving the best for these special moments. 

Thankfully, planning a photoshoot can be entirely manageable. Here are some of the ways to prepare for a wedding or engagement shoot:


Polish the Rings

The rings are necessary for every engagement shoot. To prepare for this, have your sparklers professionally cleaned beforehand, so they’re at their most vibrant. Sometimes, you don't realise how dull a ring is until you have taken it in for complete cleaning. 

Additional tip: Don’t forget the cufflinks! Now, let’s give grooms a chance to shine. It is, after all, their special day too. Take photographs of his tie, shoes, pocket squares, cufflinks, and socks. In addition, a watch could also be helpful.


Choose the Right Boxes for the Rings

In addition to cleaning and polishing your rings, don't forget to bring your one-of-a-kind ring box! This will emphasise your rings and show their individuality, unique design, and captivating characteristics. 

For a piece of quick advice, choose a ring box that matches the theme or tone of your wedding. For example, if your wedding day is filled with jewel tones, use a beautiful ruby red or sapphire blue box for your rings.


Style the Backdrop

Sometimes, it’s all in the styling. Textiles like hand-dyed linen or tulle serve as a lovely backdrop for the numerous other minor elements in an engagement shoot or wedding shoot. 

For a romantic and stylised look, wrap the fabric around images of your jewels, shoes, paper goods, or bouquet. The best part about this is that you can use unused scraps or secondhand material.


Drape the Veil

In conjunction with romantic textiles, you can also fawn over the veil and use it as a critical element of your shoot. With a veil, the romantic styling options are unlimited! Be prepared to swoon if you drape a veil over anything.


Pick Out Quality Invitation Paper

When crafting and ordering your invitation, keep extra sets for yourself. This way, you can use them as one of the shoot’s main attractions. This could give your guests a thorough idea of your wedding's aesthetic by photographing your invitations with flowers, fabric, and other exciting items.


Introduce More Flowers

Blooms, blossoms, and more blooms! This is precisely how you should think of flowers. You will not be disappointed if you invest in some extra-fresh blossoms. Plus, perfectly placed petals and arrangements may transform an average snapshot into a Pinterest-worthy masterpiece.


Showcase the Shoes

Shoes lend themselves to the drool-worthy detail pictures that every bride fantasises about. After a little (or a lot) of shopping, find "the ones" and combine them with your spouse's shoes and a few of the aforementioned items to make stunning images that you and your partner will adore. After, blow up the photography and frame it to hang in your closet.


Uphold the Tradition

Finally, and maybe most crucially, follow the time-honoured tradition of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue when in doubt. It's impossible to go wrong with it.



Weddings are undoubtedly some of the most memorable occasions in anybody’s life, whether they’re yours or not. Either way, they should be planned out and prepared to capture the couple’s dream that is to be celebrated. A big part of this preparation is the shoot, which we just discussed. With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to convey the love between the bride and the groom!

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