5 Tips in Planning Your Wedding Entertainment - Our Guide

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jul 05 2021

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In this article, we will share five tips to consider when planning for your wedding entertainment.


You've got the dress and tux, the food, the ceremony, and the guest list. All the wedding items have been taken care of. Now, the entertainment is all that's needed to truly get the party started!


It is all up to you! Would you want to hire singing waiters or fire breathers to perform? Or perhaps have bouncy castles for weddings? Whatever it is, you need to make well-informed decisions to ease your stress leading up to the big day.


In this article, we will share five tips to consider when planning for your wedding entertainment:


Set a Budget

There are many creative ideas to keep your guests amused during your reception. You can look for a photo booth or bar equipment for hire, or have live performers and set up a dance floor — the options are endless. But depending on what you would want, your budget is likely to range from £300 to £1500, with an average of around £500. With a realistic budget, you will be able to hire professional entertainers that won’t cost you more!


Plan the Timing

Your wedding entertainment should be strategically spread out throughout the day to give your guests something to talk about. For example, while you are busy taking wedding photos right after the ceremony, that is a great time to provide some wonderful jazz band music, garden games, or photo booth activities. This will keep the event going as guests keep themselves busy.


Consider Your Guests

First, you can sit down with your future spouse to figure out what you want, then think about your guests at the reception. If there will be children, plan on having something that will keep them excited like hiring a caricaturist, setting up a dessert table, or looking for a candy cart for hire. This will allow the adults to relax and focus on the event.


Likewise, consider your adult audience in the same way. Do they enjoy listening to live music? Would they prefer to dance? Perhaps, they might even enjoy stunning surprises such as a dance number, sky lanterns, or show-stopping fireworks.


Pick the Vibe and Music

Among the most debated options for evening entertainment is the music because it plays a huge part in setting the mood of the occasion. In fact, it can either bring tears to the eyes or kick off the celebration! If you're having a sophisticated affair, imagine string quartets after the ceremony and slick DJs in the evening. On the other hand, live bands or soloists are perfect for a more rustic occasion.


Ask for Referrals

Choosing entertainment can be difficult, so it’s best to get out there and ask around. The best option is to reach out to couples you know who have recently gotten married, as they would be able to recommend options based on their own experience. Also, you can collect as many references as you can from friends, friends of friends, and other soon-to-be-married couples.


In the realm of entertainment, word of mouth is everything, so if someone comes highly recommended, you can bet they'll be good! Before scheduling the entertainers, always meet them and check for yourself how amazing they are.



The entertainment at your wedding is one of the most vital parts, which is why you must make wise decisions. By considering the tips we’ve mentioned above, you’ll be able to hire professional entertainers who have experience in thrilling the crowd and appealing to groups of all ages!


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