7 Helpful Tips for Planning Your Summer Marquee Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Apr 26 2022

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Summer marquee weddings provide a unique set of possibilities. They are excellent when done correctly! Check out our top ten wedding marquee tips. Many of these will be obvious to you, but there are a couple that you may not have considered.


Choose Your Theme


Before you begin, you should have a general concept of the type of wedding you desire. This influences your choice of location and the marquee, its form, how it is put out and decorated, and other factors. Do you wish to have a traditional wedding? Do you want a wedding that is more "party" fun? You should also consider the type of ground available at your wedding venue: most clientele nowadays opt for a clear frame modern design marquee. Make a note of any aspects of your location that you wish to highlight, such as a pond or beautiful flowers. These will have an impact on the location of your marquee.


Hire a Professional


If you do not have much experience in putting up marquees, it is better to hire a professional than to try and do it yourself. This is not just to avoid the possibility of causing damage, but because it is difficult to predict the size of a marquee needed accurately. Marquees are not like a tent; how big it looks in the showroom is not how big it will be when you put it up. If you have a large wedding, you may need to hire another marquee to accommodate all the guests. It is also important to pay attention to the location of items such as the drains.


Coordinate with the Caterer


If you are having a barbecue, bbq or hog roast, then you need to make sure that the caterer can work within your marquee space. The kitchen will have to be small-scale if you have a large marquee. Also, if you are having a buffet, which is popular these days, you will need to make sure that the carvery or buffet tables are in the right position to accommodate the guests.


Where Should the Bar Be?


If you are having a bar, then this will be your most expensive component. You will need to ensure that the bar is not just within the venue area, but that it is within the guest's view. In other words, the bar should not be hidden in a corner or right at the opposite end of the marquee. By doing this, it will ensure that your guests don't miss out on a good time.


Don't Underestimate the Weather


Summer is the perfect time of year to hold a marquee wedding, but that doesn't mean that it won't rain. In fact, you are going to want to be prepared for all kinds of weather. This is because rain can ruin your special day. You will want to be prepared with extra transport and manpower in case your guests need to be moved out of the marquee due to bad weather. You will also want to have additional set-up and take-down equipment in case you need to put up the marquee in a hurry. If you're having a wedding, it is better to be prepared and safe than sorry.


The Decorations


Using the right colours, flowers and textures will make all the difference. Not only will they make the marquee look more stunning, but they will also be unique to your wedding. If you need to hire professionals or have a friend or family member do the decoration, then it is better to do this as early as possible to give them plenty of time to get everything perfectly in place.


Don't Forget about the Loo


Most people tend to forget about the toilet facilities, but that is a mistake. You will need three toilets for every 100 people there, but remember that women tend to use the toilet more often than men. Have plenty of handwash, paper and soap available on the go.




Summer is the perfect time of year for a marquee wedding. If you want something unique to you, then a marquee is the best way to go because you have control over everything. Doing it on a budget is not that difficult if you follow our tips. With the right planning and preparation, you can have a beautiful summer wedding to remember.


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