Planning an Outdoor Wedding? Here Are 4 Great Tips for You

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Feb 01 2022

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If indoor weddings seem a bit stuffy for you and your soon-to-be spouse, a marquee wedding (also known as an outdoor celebration) might suit you better! There’s much more room (figuratively and literally) to plan, move, and situate your guests for a more relaxed, intimate time.

That’s why we’ve come up with this nifty guide with four great tips for planning the perfect outdoor wedding.


Always Reserve the Marquee First

A marquee is an overhead cover much like a tent, but larger, that can accommodate your desired guest list according to your specifications. An outdoor wedding must always have this provision to protect guests and the event itself from elements such as wind, rain, or sun.

In addition, talk to your supplier to ensure the tent works on whatever surface your venue has (either pavement, grass, sand, and so on). Remember to weatherproof it as well. Bring additional fans and portable air conditioning units to keep guests comfortable if your wedding is in the summer and propane heaters during the colder months. 

If possible, have them supply wall surfaces to even out the ground and wall panels for added protection from the elements.


Be Inspired By the Location

A no-brainer decision, always let your location inspire the atmosphere of your wedding. Nailing the site almost guarantees you determine the following aspects of your once-in-a-lifetime event:

Music: It can be a playlist of classical or instrumental numbers if it’s in a garden. This genre does not fit well in a beach setting, but an acoustic and reggae setlist is perfect! You can also hire a performer to play according to the right genre or just create a set of songs on Spotify!

Attire: The same goes for the dress code. At a garden wedding, shades of green, blue, and brown stand out, while white takes the place of brown in beach marquee weddings.

Reception: Your food can also align with the venue! Host a barbecue-style meal for your guests on the beach and a fancy afternoon- or evening-style reception for a garden marquee wedding!


Consult the Lighting Pros

You’d think a marquee wedding in the outdoors guarantees perfect lighting since you’ll be using natural sources, right? Not all the time.

A marquee is like a huge tent that can work for the ceremony and reception area. And while it has windows, these are mainly for ventilation purposes, not lighting. Relying on those spaces will result in a poorly-lit area that negatively affects your photos.

As such, hire an electrician and lights professionals to survey the area to note where and what kind of lighting you need. They can advise the following provisions for a perfectly-lit ceremony and reception:

  • An extra generator for emergencies.
  • Paper lanterns.
  • Pinspot lighting.
  • Twinkling lights.
  • Chandeliers.
  • Lighted walkways.
  • Small lights along paths.
  • Mason jars or tea lights hanging from tree branches or posts.


Hire Extras

No, we’re not talking about background characters for your wedding videos. We’re talking about backup items you might need as a precaution. Just like the extra generator in case the venue’s power goes out, you rent a few more of these to ensure your marquee wedding goes smoothly:

  • Textured curtains.
  • Tiebacks.
  • Chandeliers.
  • Coloured cushions.
  • Seats.
  • Tables.
  • Lights.

Always have your wedding coordinator note these down so they are correctly accounted for and reimbursed once your event is over.


Just Before You Walk Down the Aisle

Take it from us: it’s always better to over-prepare than underprepare. Have an extra five pieces of items if some go missing or are misplaced. These additional provisions give everyone one less worry to think about so they can focus on your wonderful outdoor wedding!

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