Planning a Seminar? Here’s a Checklist of Things to Do

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jan 31 2022

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A seminar is one of the most commonly organised events. All businesses and industries rely on seminars for their growth. These events, therefore, need to be carefully planned and handled.

The duration of seminars may vary depending on the host. Some seminars are only good for half a day, while others may last a few days. Regardless, it is crucial to carefully plan the seminar program, even if it is short. Below is a checklist of things to consider when planning a seminar.


Identify the Purpose

One of the first things that you should do is know the seminar's purpose. Is it to teach your employees a new software program? Is it to help students understand how to file taxes? Whatever the seminar’s purpose may be, it is essential to identify it first.

Identifying the purpose will open the path to the following steps to take. Organising a seminar without knowing what it’s for would make it difficult, and you will not get the proper materials.


Confirm the Specifics

First, you will need to confirm the date and time of the seminar. By doing so, you can then narrow down the venue choice you will have for your seminar to see what is available.

Depending on the seminar’s purpose (see how it is useful?), you may book different types of venues. Some may call for a conference room, or others may be for lecture halls, and there may even be cases where you just need to conduct it within a school’s classroom. It is crucial to ensure a final date, time, and venue before preparing for the seminar program.


Create Guest List and Program

Before finalising your program, you may want to confirm your attending guests first. As the program needs to adjust towards the number of guests, you will need to have a confirmed number. If you have a significant number of guests attending, you may want to break up into smaller groups or having fewer guests may require you to have some icebreaker activities.

Once you have confirmed your guests, create your final program. Arrange for resource speakers, materials, souvenirs, certificates and whatever preparations you need for the program.


Send Out Invitations and Seminar Kits

You can send out your formal invitations and seminar kits when you finish the program creation. Doing this will give the attendees the idea of how the program will go and make you seem more organised. If it is an open seminar, then you can create flyers and other publication materials to post.


Set Up Ahead of Time

Hours before the seminar, you need to set up the event. If it is possible, you can even set up the night before. Ensure to anticipate any worst-case scenarios during the setting up and always have backup plans.


Hold Your Seminar

It does not stop here. Things will go awry during the seminar itself, and you should be prepared for it. Guests may arrive too early or a little late, and you will experience technical difficulties. Make sure to be ready for any of this.



Planning a seminar is not an easy task, but follow our checklist above, and you should be good to go. Just always be prepared for anything and have alternative plans.

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