5 Details to Decide on When Planning a Marquee Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Dec 06 2021

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When it comes to wedding planning at a marquee, some of the biggest parts of it have to be planned first. There’s the wedding music that’ll be played, the wedding dress of the bride and even more. It can be exciting to debate these options, especially since they make up most of the glamour of getting married.

However, it’s also important to pay special mind to a couple of other details. Albeit not minor, some of these may be left for last-minute planning and overshadowed despite their impact on the ambience and your guests’ experience. As it is your special day, strive to create an event where your loved ones will be able to enjoy as well.

Here are five details that you should definitely make a decision about for your marquee wedding:


1) Catering

What’s a party without good food and drinks? The meal arrangements should always be planned ahead of time to ensure that the dishes and beverages will be something you and everyone else will love. It’d be ideal to get a marquee that already offers in-house catering.

Be sure to get the details of your guests by asking them about their allergies through the RSVP card. Once they confirm their attendance and the type of food they can’t stomach, it’ll be easier to discuss the quantity and the meal choice you’ll get.


2) Conversation

The conversation at a party is either something that’s completely abuzz or a little too quiet. Deal with the dead air by hiring expert hosts who will be able to get the marquee party going, chatting up with people and following a well-organized program.

Consider helping out friends and family with getting to know each other by having some ice breakers and conversation starters in store for them. Adding this to the paper and at a table can help spark the talks that make the night even more memorable.


3) Overall Decor

One of the reasons why a marquee wedding is preferred is because of the elegant venue that it offers. There’s a certain charm and wonder for a whole event that occurs at one grand canopy, but it isn’t an excuse to neglect the decor. Have the entrance and every square inch decked out.

Go for flooring and furniture that’s both appealing and comfortable at the same time.


4) Entertainment

Wedding entertainment may be something that’s brushed off, but it’s quite essential to have these inclusions to liven things up. Thoughtful additions such as a photo booth and extra games would surely make the wedding a lot more memorable. It’d be a little fun to pit yourself against your partner in a drinking match or two as well.


5) Restrooms

Some marquees may not have toilets ready, so it’s best to think ahead about having a restroom and powder room ready for use. Providing those restrooms can be quite a relief for many of your guests, especially if most of the night will be spent drinking and sweating while dancing around.



A marquee wedding is truly a grand celebration, even if the planning requires quite a number of choices and preparation. You can take reassurance that all those calls and arrangements will pay off, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special day.

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