Steps to Take When Planning Your Dream Marquee Wedding

By | 1 Entertainment on Aug 03 2021

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You've discovered the ideal site for your marquee wedding. It's secluded, has a fantastic view, the ground is flat, and you've already set your sights on a stunning edifice to commemorate one of your most significant moments as a relationship. But you must have everything your event requires, from the furnishings and glassware to the generator and bathrooms. 


Unless you hire a wedding planner, you will need to be on top of your game when planning. So here are a few pointers to get you started.


1. Get to Know Your Venue


Speak with the property's owners about the location. What, in their opinion, are the most remarkable sites for a marquee? Then set up your marquee as needed. Consider the southerly breeze that blows in the evening. For the reception, have that side of the marquee down. Think about the surroundings and come up with the most excellent solutions to maximise the property's potential.


2. Acknowledge the Importance of Size and Design


A clear, moderate day with a gentle breeze and a warm, lovely evening will be excellent weather conditions for you. However, if torrential rain and wind are expected, your fantasy of a wall-free marquee may be dashed.


Consider all of the possibilities and pick a marquee that you will be happy with if it needs to be entirely enclosed. Consider how you will set up if it rains, and make sure your marquee is large enough to accommodate the dance floor, band, bar, and lounge, as well as all of your guests if Plan B is required.


3. Put Your Guests’ Comfort on Top of Your Priority


There should be enough toilets a short distance away. This may sound self-evident, but your guests will resent you if they have to traverse the desert to use the restroom or if they can't change their diapers. So make sure you have plenty of toilet paper, bins, soap, and hand towels on hand. For cooler weather, provide lots of heaters, and many guests have expressed gratitude for blankets provided at the front desk.


4. Engage the Services of a Wedding Planner or Stylist


It’s best to have someone on-site from the time the marquee comes through all the way until the reception kick-off. A wedding planner in Surrey can meet and lead vendors, supervise setup and styling, and serve as the point of contact for any problems that arise on the big day.


You will be making plenty of decisions on the fly during setup, and you don't want to be the one who has to come up with answers. Many wedding planners provide a service package that includes a site visit a few weeks before the event to go over the setup and floor plan and ensure everything is in order. You'll be astonished at how many things will be brought to your attention that you were previously unaware of.


5. Communicate and Be Flexible


Understand your vendors' requirements, including power requirements, space requirements, and deadlines. Ensure to meet those demands to the greatest extent possible to minimise misunderstandings or problems on the big day. Know what everyone is doing and isn't doing to spot any overlaps or gaps that you need to address.


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