Our Guide to Picking the Right Size for Your Dance Floor

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Nov 08 2021

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Dancing is one of the most important parts of any party. Indeed, most people go to parties to have fun and dance to great music. And while dancing may seem simple, there’s actually a lot of planning and preparation to ensure that everyone has a great time. 

The most common question we get when it comes to this subject is us directed towards the size of the dance floor. So how big should dance floors be? You may think this is an easy question to answer but there’s actually a couple of things you need to consider. If this is something that you want to learn more about, read on for a brief guide on how to pick the right size for your dance floor.


Importance of Having an Adequately Sized Dance Floor

While having a dance floor that is the right size for your space and the number of guests you’re planning to have is undoubtedly important, some of you may be wondering why it’s important. Well, there are two main reasons why you’ll want to get an adequately sized dance floor: safety and guest satisfaction.

Having a dance floor that’s too small can and will most likely cause people to bump into each other. This can lead to some pretty serious injuries that you may be liable for. To prevent this from happening, you have to make sure that your dance floor will allow people to have enough space while they’re dancing.

Even if your guests don’t end up bumping into each other, having a dance floor that’s too small can ruin the entire event for them. This is because they won’t have enough room to dance freely. To add to this, guests may be discouraged to dance if they see a dance floor that’s cramped because it is packed with people.


What to Consider When Picking the Size of Your Dance Floor

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the size of a dance floor. You’ll have to keep your specific situation in mind in order to choose the optimal size of your dance floor. The main things you’ll want to consider is the space for your event and the number of guests you’ll be having. Be sure to overestimate the number of guests that you’ll be having as the number of guests you’ll actually have will usually exceed your estimates.


How to Choose the Size of Your Dance Floor

When it comes to choosing the size of your dance floor, it’s crucial that you get an estimate of how many guests you’ll be having. Once you have an estimate of the number of guests, a good rule of thumb to follow would be to allot nine square feet for every two people. As we’ve mentioned above, we recommend overestimating the number of guests that you’ll have. If you can spare the resources, try to get a dance floor that’s a little bigger to avoid any issues if more people show up.

In case you need more help, here’s a rough estimate of how much space you’ll need for your guests:

  • 100 Guests: 12×12 dance floor
  • 150 Guests: 15×15 dance floor
  • 200 Guests: 18×18 dance floor
  • 500 Guests: 27×27 dance floor


You’ll also want to make sure that your event space isn’t completely overtaken by the dance floor. When it comes to your space, it’s best to base it on your needs as there’s no one way to determine whether a dance floor is big enough for your event space. For events where dancing is the focus, you can afford to allocate more space to the dance floor. If you’ll have other activities or other installations, then you may want to opt for a smaller dance floor.



Hopefully, this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you pick the right size for your dance floor. While this may seem a little tedious, having a dance floor that’s the right size for your space will drastically improve the overall experience of all of your guests. Be sure to be as thorough as you can be and keep all of the information that we’ve mentioned here in mind so you can make the most informed decision possible.

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