6 Fun Outdoor Wedding Games to Try On Your Special Day

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 08 2021

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Every couple dreams of a wedding worth treasuring. That would only be possible if all guests enjoy the event. Part of every couple's dream is to see that the most important people in their relationship are also having a good time. 


If you plan to have an outdoor wedding soon and want activities to keep your guests entertained for the entire event, we have fun ideas that can ensure the ice breaks well and that everyone has an unforgettable time.


Outdoor Wedding Games to Try


Don't Knock Out the Dominoes


Make the day more exciting by adding giant wooden dominoes that the guests can play around with. Aside from being a lovely part of the venue display, the giant dominoes encourage group cooperation and bonding. 


Everyone knows how to play this simple game. Once the dominoes are faced down and mixed up, each player would get five pieces (depending on the number of players) and simply match the dominoes. You can add a twist to the game by hiding surprises per domino piece or letting the losing participant open the dance floor.


Cocktail Pong 


What would a wedding be without a drinking game? Instead of the usual beer pong, make it classy (perfect for the occasion!) and pink! The Prosecco Pong is one of the most elegant drinking games, and the rule is simple. If a player successfully lands their pink ping pong ball on a drink, the opponent has no choice but to drink it. This game would surely end up with a lot of screaming, giggling, and drinking—a great way to hype up the crowd!


Wordplay With a Giant Scrabble


Another giant activity you can play outdoors is Scrabble. This game is perfect if you have a vast lawn in your event area. It can be a pair game or a group game, depending on what your guests prefer. What is great about this game is that you can make a DIY set, and it would still be a fun game for many to enjoy. 


Break the Piñata


If you have kids to entertain, this game will leave them more excited than ever. With this game, you can customise the piñata depending on what your wedding theme is. Imagine all the kids waiting and wondering what goods and candies they can find inside. Plus, that thrilling moment when a player attempts to hit the piñata never fails.


Giant Jenga


Outdoor games would not be complete without giant Jenga. In this game, any number of guests can join. It is a practice of combining skills, strategy, and a lot of laughs. Make sure that a photographer is right around the corner, waiting to take photos of the players' reactions.


Look for Treasure


While waiting for the program to start, you can also prepare a mini treasure hunt for everyone. You can use clues about you and your partner's relationship and see how far your guests know. The winner will receive a fantastic gift from the couple after. Not only will they learn more things about the couple, but this game also brings that feeling of fun, adventure, and mystery. 




These classic games never fail to keep your guests entertained. By preparing an activity they can enjoy with other groups of people, you can guarantee that no one gets bored and people have great memories of your wedding day!


If any of these seems interesting to you, we can help you prepare and make your wedding day more exciting. 1 Entertainment is the number one solution for your event planning needs. From professional bar DJ hires to garden games, we are here to the rescue. Contact us at 0207 193 8029 or info@1entertainment.co.uk.