How You Can Organize the Perfect Fundraising Gala

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Oct 05 2021

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Social entrepreneurs looking for ways to improve their brand image while at the same time help solve some of the world's problems, or at least their community should look into throwing a fundraising gala. You might not have considered holding a gala because it sounds archaic, but there's a reason most nonprofit organisations still hold them to this day - they deliver results. 

Fundraising is sometimes done in corporate events in London but doing a gala is an entirely different thing. Note that a gala won't work for every single cause there is or even for all organizations. For instance, your social enterprise has to be a nonprofit. If you happen to be one of the organisations that can indeed hold a gala, you should focus on making it one of the best fundraising events ever:


How to Organise a Fundraising Gala

The success of your event depends on how well you plan for it in advance. Most of the time, it takes 12 to 18 months to prepare for a huge event like a fundraising gala, especially if it's your first time to hold one. 


Choose Planning Committee

Getting one of the best party planners in London can help ensure that the event goes smoothly. But you might also consider setting up an internal planning committee with some of your staff, volunteers, and even board members who will be directly involved in the event and all the decision-making that will be done. 

Then, there should be sub-committees in charge of the event itself - the venue, the food and beverage, the theme, the entertainment you'll have for the night, the host, and the speakers, too. 

Apart from that, though, you need someone in charge of the crucial parts of the program, the ticket sales and registration for the event, sponsorships, the raffle, the auction, and the overall budget for the fundraising gala. The people involved in these things should be from your organisation so you can coordinate easily and you can track their progress.

As for the first category of the event itself, an event organiser can help you significantly. Here are some of the things they can help you decide on:


The Venue, Food, and Beverage

Some of the most important aspects of any event are the venue, food, and beverage you'll serve. You should make sure that the venue has a kitchen and a bar if you need them. Typically, if you'll have the event held in a hotel, you'd be offered a corporate event package that's inclusive of the cost of the use of their ballroom, food, and drinks. That might be an option you'd want 


The Theme, Entertainment, Host, Speakers

It's not uncommon for fundraising galas to follow themes. You might want to consider choosing one that's related to the purpose of your organisation or cause. Don't go overboard with the decor and the team because it's not a prom after all. Make sure that everything goes together, including what you'll serve the guests and the entertainment. 

Speaking of entertainment, you should consider not only the theme but also your audience. Who is invited to your fundraiser? What kind of music do you think they enjoy? It's a good idea to hire a full band to provide live entertainment. You might also want to consider a DJ for hire for continuous music while the band takes their breaks. 

Choose an engaging host. This is very important because you're holding a fundraiser, and you'll have auctions or raffles which need to be hyped up. Also, find speakers who are relevant to your cause and who could better explain to the audience the importance of what you are raising funds for. 



A fundraising gala has to be carefully planned if you want it to succeed. That said, don't overthink things. It should still be a night of fun. Remember that the sponsors and all the event attendees are more likely to bid higher or donate more if they're having fun. Just make sure that they have delicious food and drinks, that the venue is decorated tastefully, and that you find bespoke entertainment for hire that could make the event engaging. 

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