How to Organize a Successful Company Anniversary Celebration

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Dec 26 2021

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Success doesn't come easy, especially in these trying times. Given the uncertainty and the fierce competition in the current landscape, businesses that manage to grow and survive call for a celebration! 

Your business's anniversary is no little thing—it's a monumental achievement that must be celebrated. Take note that you can't just hack in a few Facebook posts and tweets and call it a day. Grab your favourite business associate and put your heads together to organise a special event that commemorates your business's milestones and celebrates your company's birth.

Planning a corporate event might seem a little too daunting, much less a company's anniversary, but here are some simple steps to get you started:


Decide on the Date of the Event

Research your calendar and find a day when you're going to have the whole office together. Make sure that you have enough time before the event to accommodate everyone. 

An annual event is best, so you can save time and money and avoid the hassle of having to find a venue every year. However, if you're setting up a milestone celebration, you might want to book a venue for your whole team to get together.


Plan the Venue

If you're having your event in a venue, work back from the date and find an appropriate month. Don't forget to consider the transportation options, so you can choose an area that's accessible to your team.

Once you have the venue you're executing on, make sure you're picking a location that accommodates your needs. These include parking, accessibility and availability, so you can have a venue that's perfect for your event.


Choose the Food

Incorporate the theme and food vendors that best suit your celebration. Depending on your theme, a chocolate fountain for hire, for example, may be an excellent addition to keep the dining experience enjoyable! 

Moreover, you can consider looking for bar equipment for hire and experienced staff—a little bit of alcohol doesn't hurt.

If you're planning a milestone celebration, you can have a theme that goes along with your company's accomplishments. Find out what your company values the most and emphasise the theme around that.

Always remember the Golden Rule: "Keep it simple." Your theme doesn't have to be overly complicated; instead, focus on creating a memorable event instead of a confusing one.


Promote Your Anniversary

To ensure that your employees are aware of the upcoming event, send out an invite (virtual or printed) with the event's details and a reminder of the date of the forthcoming event, about one to two weeks before the event.

Don't forget to invite your clients to come and celebrate with you; you may ask them to be part of the planning phases, too, so they can end up being part of the whole experience.

As for media exposure, plan on a few photo ops and speeches from your big bosses and use them to generate interest from your employees and, of course, your customers.



A business anniversary is one of the many milestones your company will experience. And because it's a universally celebrated event, it's an opportunity for you to create a memorable event and celebrate your company's achievements. Wish your business a happy anniversary and help it grow!

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