How to Organise a Fun Corporate Event in 7 Steps

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Feb 15 2022

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Corporate events can get a little boring. After all, business talk needs to be taken seriously, so many formalities are often in place. However, some corporate events may be done for the leisure of the employees, and these events should be as fun as they can be.

For a fun corporate party or festival, you must plan it ahead of time. Specific steps need to be taken. Otherwise, the party may end up as a mess.

Set Objectives and Purpose

Why are you throwing an event? The purpose and objectives of the event need to be set first before you can even begin to plan it. Remember why you are throwing this event and create goals that you want to achieve through your event.

Book a Fun Venue

Most corporate events are indoors in conference rooms or stadiums. While these venues are lovely, they are not exactly made for leisure. Book a fun venue that allows your event to unfold, as would a festival or party. You can book an events tent or an outdoor venue that everyone can enjoy.

Hire Unique Entertainers

Nothing is more fun at a party than entertainers. You can go for the usual musical group or dance troupe, or you could take it up a notch. Try hiring unique talents like ventriloquists or impressionists. Not only will your employees have fun, but it is a unique experience they are sure to remember.

Set Up Booths

Aside from the main programme with the hired entertainers, you may want to set up some booths on the side. These booths are meant to provide further entertainment, especially when there is downtime during the event. Fun booths are also a great way to act as icebreakers, especially among employees who may not know each other.

Send Out Invites

You can easily send out invites through email or some publication materials or even just a PSA in your company. But those are not fun. Keep up with the fun motif by making a creative invite. You can send out goodie bags as an invite or shoot a video. Just be as creative with your invite that it would excite your employees.

Hire a Great Caterer

The food at an event is a vital component of the fun. You can have the best entertainers during the event, but if the food is terrible, then that is all that people will remember. Hire fun caterers and come up with a diverse menu. Don’t forget to include an allergy list with your RSVP to avoid incidents.

Have Fun

Your event will only be fun if you have fun putting it together and during the event day. Make sure your guests enjoy and have a great time by having a great time too. Do not be too strict on anything and allow your employees to get a little rowdy, especially during the culmination of the event.


Corporate events do not have to be too formal and dull. You can allow for some room during the event where employees will enjoy and have fun. All you have to do is follow our tips above, and your event should be exciting. Have fun and enjoy your event!

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