Some Notable Must-Have Trends for Your Upcoming Event

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Dec 06 2022

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The world of events is a maelstrom of industry trends, just like any other sector. Some of them will last, while others will go out of style just as fast as they rose to prominence. Here, we talk about the most recent developments in the corporate and event worlds and whether or not these hot issues are worthwhile investing in.

There are always new technologies being developed, new apps being released, and new "big ideas" being explored among event professionals in the world of events. This keeps the market humming and makes it fascinating to work in, although it can also feel a little daunting.

That said, we've thought about the most recent trends and ideas and have created a shortlist of what we believe to be the most significant and hotly debated subjects today.

  • Contactless Ticketing and Payments

The pandemic has once more left its imprint on the events sector, making mobile payments a standard that will never go away. Everything is becoming more contactless, from registration and ticketing to admission, payments, and purchases, thanks to services like ApplePay and Google Wallet, as well as a number of quickly evolving event organising tools.

Today, you can perform all of these chores on your smartphone, saving you time and money on employing event workers and minimising the need to exchange money or paper, which is better for the environment and addresses hygienic problems. In fact, contact-free purchases and ticketing will likely be the preferred - if not the only - method of payment everywhere you go, so don't fall behind.

  • Farm-to-Table Local Produce

It's likely that when you visit the majority of neighbourhood cafes or well-known restaurants, you will see local produce clearly labelled on the menu. Although this is not a new trend, consumers today frequently expect to see it as a sign of high quality and moral behaviour. Bringing local produce to the table not only adds a significant, desirable, and current component to the event but also demonstrates to local attendees that you are a conscientious and moral event designer.

  • Focus on Health & Safety

This year's events seem to have a consistent focus on health & safety, touch-free technology, and contactless payments. There are several ways to make physical gatherings safer, and when you're organising your next big event or conference, it should be your top focus. Make sure you risk-assess every event in the realm of conferences and seminars and allocate a significant percentage of your money to health and safety. In addition to your attendees, speakers, hostesses, and participants all have important concerns about hygiene and safety.

  • Hybrid Events

Everything went digital during the epidemic, from webinars to Christmas parties. Also that things are starting to pick up, digital events are still a thing, but they now come in a slightly different form: the hybrid event. Others who are comfortable and able to travel to a huge conference, and those who can't or need more time to fully prepare to venture out, can be catered for at hybrid events. This implies that you now have a live audience in addition to a virtual one!

  • Minimising Waste

Reevaluating your waste plan could be a helpful action, saving you time, money, and resources. This ties into the sustainability concept. We are all aware of how crucial it is to reduce trash at events, but are you truly making every effort to recycle, reuse, and prevent waste in the first place? Reevaluate your waste audit and objectives, research what other top green businesses are doing, and interact with everyone engaged in the waste management process at your event.

Once you've got it perfectly, you can brag about it and let people know how much you're doing to reduce waste and protect the environment. Think about establishing water stations, running plastic-free zones, providing all food and drink in sustainable packaging, making recycling bins a mainstay at your event, and other ideas.


There are many factors to consider when planning an event, but some key trends that you should keep in mind include making your event more sustainable, using technology to engage your guests, and creating a more personalised experience.

While these factors aren't always a must-have, they may inspire you to present something new each time, making your future events more engaging towards your target market.

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