Party Necessities: Factors to Consider for Dance Floor Hire

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Sep 13 2022

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Party Necessities: Factors to Consider for Dance Floor Hire
There is no question that preparing for your wedding can be incredibly stressful. From making big decisions to dealing with the little things, there is much to think about and plan for. And if that were not enough, you also have to worry about making sure your big day goes off without a hitch.

When planning your wedding, the dance floor is a crucial detail to consider. You want to ensure enough room for your guests to dance the night away and that the floor is in good condition so everyone can have a good time.

That is where dance floor hire comes in. Several companies offer dance floor hire for weddings, and they can provide everything from a simple dance floor to a more elaborate setup with lighting and special effects.

Dance Floor Size

Please note that not all of your guests will be entering the dance floor at once when determining the amount of dance floor you require for your party or wedding. Only around half of your guests will be dancing at any given time.

A straightforward equation is employed throughout the events industry to determine the precise size dancefloor requirement that you will need. That amounts to multiplying your overall guest count by 4.5 square feet. Not every guest will be boogie-ing simultaneously, and since there will always be room to dance around the edges, this is not an exact science. If in doubt, choose the smaller dance floor hire.

It is also critical to factor the space in this size equation. We advise against placing the DJ or the band on the same surface (the dance floor) because sound and lighting equipment can move about, posing a significant risk to your safety and the safety of your guests.


The checkered-patterned dance floor is ideal for black-tie events and business gatherings, but it works well for weddings and birthday parties. They have a flexible design that works with most themes and colour schemes and creates the most beautiful dancing space.

A checkered dance floor can dress up any event, perfect for creating an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. The black and white pattern is timeless and classic and will always be in style. Plus, the floor can be customized to match any colour scheme.

Light-Up or LED Dance Floor

LED dance floor hire is perfect for creating a unique atmosphere at events such as weddings, parties and corporate evenings. They are a floor like no other, and the overall effect is spectacular and fantastic for themed nights. 

LED dancefloors come in many shapes and sizes so that you can find the perfect one for your event. They are perfect for creating a retro feel, so why not go for a LED disco dancefloor and get your guests dancing the night away on a multicoloured illuminated dancefloor? They will feel straight out of the 70’s film Nightfever!


When planning for a dance floor, there are many factors to consider. The size of the floor, the type of floor, and the location of the floor are all critical considerations. The type of floor will affect the kind of dancing that can be done, and the area of the floor will affect the amount of space available for dancing.

Make the easy choice for your needs for a dance floor hire in London by calling 1 Entertainment. We are a one-stop shop for your party necessities, so we make the planning easier for you. So, contact us now to book the date!