A Quick Guide to Making Your Wedding a Glamorous One

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 08 2022

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A marquee wedding is a sure-fire way to make your wedding stand out. It’s not a typical setup, allows for open-air, and gives a balance of indoor glamour with an outdoor touch. However, this isn’t just the only consideration to make your special day memorable. You can elevate your wedding with just a few more inclusions to the venue, such as:

1 - Always-Open Photo Booth

One thing your guests will not enjoy doing is waiting during gaps in your program. It’s fun to sit around, eat, drink, and socialise, but they’re there for you.

You can eliminate the boredom by hiring a photo booth that’s always open from the time guests arrive ‘til the afterparty is over. That way, family and friends can commemorate their presence by taking as many pictures as possible to pass the time. Sure, it’ll cost a few more pounds, but they’re definitely worth the praises your guests will sing of a fun, no-dead-air-moments wedding.

Set the photo booth inside the marquee wedding to protect the equipment and props from the elements.

2 - Liquor Station

This is an alternative to a mobile bar that serves beer, hard liquor, and shots directly to guests. You can do something like a booze barrow where a myriad of alcoholic beverages will be displayed on wheelbarrows with ice or an alcohol station with kegs of your favourite beers ready for consumption. Just have them replaced promptly once they’re empty.

3 - Deluxe Reception Area

It's also possible to make your event more luxurious with a plush reception lounge filled with sofas and comfortable chairs for guests to relax on after their first dance. Your luxe lounge can be a place where guests can socialise between dance breaks;

It's also a place where they can rest their feet after a long day of celebrating with you and mingle with other guests as well. If you genuinely wish to make an impression, it's possible to section off the area with curtains (since everyone’s in a marquee wedding) to make your guests feel like they are VIPs at an event.

4 - DIY Flower Station

If you want your wedding guests to play a more significant role in your wedding celebration, consider having a DIY flower station at your reception venue. Guests can make their corsage or boutonniere with various flowers, ribbons, and other accessories. 

Ask your florist if it is possible to set up a DIY flower station and stock it with flowers such as mums, spray roses, daisies, and the like. Upgrade the station by adding ribbon and colourful pins. Do not forget to add labels with instructions so that guests know how to make their corsage or boutonniere.

It is best to keep this flower station inside the marquee wedding to permeate throughout its refreshing scents.

5 - Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

It’s common to have a cocktail hour that occurs right after the ceremony. However, this is a waste of time and money because no one will be drinking anyway—at least, not any time soon. 

Instead, while guests wait to make their grand entrance, why not hand out unique cocktails as they arrive? This will give them something to drink while taking their seats in the wedding space. They might enjoy these pre-ceremony cocktails instead of what is served during the reception. 

Be sure to serve light cocktails such as mimosas and fruit-infused sweet teas that only take a minute or two to finish for guests to feel like they are drinking alcohol but are not fully intoxicated. 

Make Your Marquee Wedding in Kent Memorable

Elevating a wedding event from simple to glamorous doesn't take thousands of pounds. All you need are a couple of unique twists to well-known conventions to ensure everyone has a beautiful experience on your special day. The five ideas mentioned above should help with that.

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