How to Make Your Wedding More Magical with Fairy Lights

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 27 2022

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When it comes to your wedding day, you want to make sure to set the right mood. And this largely relies on your theme and decorations. If you're going for a more magical or whimsical theme, fairy lights are definitely a must.

Surround the Venue with Curtain Fairy Lights

Fairy lights going up the walls and draping along the ceiling create a whimsical atmosphere and make for some awesome photo ops. You can also use this technique to accentuate your cake table or any other spots you want to highlight.

Curtain fairy lights can be made into a curtain scooping across the back of the room. Then you can use white fairy lights along the curtain and dangling down. You can also use them to accentuate the flowers and decor you have along the ceiling.

Wrap Fairy Lights Around the Tree Trunks

If you're holding your wedding outdoors, why not decorate your venue with surrounding greenery?

The trees are a natural way to cover up any spot you want to decorate with fairy lights. You can also just use the trees to make a beautiful backdrop to the venue.

Fairy lights make trees look like they're glowing, making this the perfect backdrop for a wedding photo.

And if you're holding your wedding in a park, it's a great idea to hang fairy lights along the walking paths.

Use Them to Accent Other Pieces

Accentuate your cake as well as other pieces you're having on decor. Fairy lights underneath and around your cake table will be sure to make it stand out even more.

You can also use fairy lights on your chairs to tie it in with the theme and have a romantic, whimsical feel.

And you can place them all over your centrepieces for accent.

The great thing about fairy lights is that you can put them anywhere in, on, or around the venue, and it will give off a beautiful look.

Create a Fairy Light Canopy Over the Dance Floor

You can also go for a canopy above the dance floor. This can be made with fairy lights as well as other decor and will make for some awesome photo opportunities. It gives an ambient glowing look to the room.

You can even use the same fairy lights to make the draping around your dance floor.

This is great to do if you're going for a gnarly forest or enchanted forest feel.

And you can have different draping depending on the design and theme of the venue.

Then, you can use different coloured fairy lights throughout the whole venue to create the right vibe and put your own twist on it.

Line Them Along Your Aisle

If you want to go for a more fairy tale wedding, you can use fairy lights to create a path for the bride up to the aisle. This will go great with a whimsical theme or just white and blush colours.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to fairy lights, you have endless possibilities. You can put them anywhere, and not only will they cover up spots you need, but they will also add a romantic, ethereal feel to your wedding.

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