Top Four Lighting Tips That Will Make Your Event Better

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Apr 19 2022

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Event planning is a tiring yet fulfilling job. You have the responsibility of juggling several tasks at once, knowing that the rest might get affected if one fails.

With that said, in your stress, you may have forgotten one critical component of event planning, which is lighting. Lighting is essential in all kinds of events because it helps you set the mood, create grandeur and establish an ambience.

So, if you have forgotten about lighting for your event, here are some tips to help you.

1. Create a Lighting Design Plan Before Moving Forward 

Let's say you have a marquee venue. Knowing the layout of the marquee like the back of your hand is a must if you want to design fantastic lighting for your event.

If possible, visit the marquee venue early on to know what you have to deal with. Doing so gives you a better feel of the location. Plus, you can learn about the lighting rules, too, before you make your layout plan.

With a layout plan, you can determine the ideal placement of your marquee lighting. You can see how the light will shine on guests, furniture and even the marquee flooring.


2. Consider the Other Moving Pieces

An event is the sum of its parts, meaning that you have to consider the other elements that make your event. These elements include your layout, furnishing, location, theme, colour scheme and guest demographic.

If you are planning a marquee wedding, you need to ensure that the lighting fits the couple's theme and location. You can't have a disco ball hanging above the dance floor if the wedding is more formal and elegant. On the other hand, you want bright, colourful lights for more casual parties.

Taking note of the event elements helps ensure that уou create a cohesive event.

3. Listen to the Client's Needs and Budget

Know that your client is the biggest critic of your design plan. Their comments and suggestions help you improve your lighting design.

So, it's easy to say that listening to the client's needs and budget is a must. Keep the client updated with your progress, and don't forget to tell the client when you will be executing the lighting plan.

Informing your client will give them enough time to adjust the budget or change any of your design plans. After all, your client wants to have a successful client as you do.

4. Ensure Safety

Safety should always be your priority in event planning. You have to be extra careful with the placement of your marquee lighting.

If you use a lot of lighting, double-check the wires and electrical points so that nothing gets damaged. Better yet, use LED lights, which are safer and eco-friendly.

After a long day of planning your event, you may have gotten more accustomed to things and think it's no longer dangerous. Make sure never to get too comfortable with your decisions.

Final Note

Hopefully, these tips will help you design a lighting plan for your event. Remember that lighting should always be safe and should fit the event theme. It should also make the guests feel comfortable and help you achieve the desired ambience.

Lastly, even though you can plan the layout and design of your marquee lights, it's still best to leave the execution to an expert. An expert can create a better lighting plan and use better lighting fixtures.

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