5 Creative Ways to Keep Guests Entertained During Photos

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Nov 27 2021

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Having a collection of your most valued wedding photos on display for the rest of your life is essential, and there is genuinely only one chance to capture the magic - on your wedding day. We've all been to weddings where the photo ops spill from one hour to the next, and you wind up with bored guests. If you want to fill up the mantelpiece with memorable photos without leaving your guests out of the picture, here are a few engaging ways to keep your wedding crowd in the mix. Read on!


1. Keep Them On Their Toes With Fun and Competitive Games

Competitive games are a great way to keep wedding guests entertained while the photos are being taken. Especially the children! There is nothing more thrilling than a family-friendly competition.

Giant Jenga, croquet, or badminton are excellent low-sweat activities that will keep your guests – particularly children – engaged.


2. Hire a Performer

An acoustic singer or violinist may bring a personal and one-of-a-kind touch to the scene. While the bridal party is busy taking pictures, the main party may have the experience of listening to a quiet and peaceful musical performance.

Hiring an acoustic vocalist or violinist is a low-cost method to add live music to your wedding reception. These musicians are especially vital if you're having a rustic or traditional wedding.


3. Have a Photo or Video Booth

Renting a picture or video booth as an alternative to a standard guest book allows visitors to contribute a beautiful message or embarrassing anecdote on your wedding day. Photographs taken during cocktail hour may also be utilised to create personalised thank you letters that will be displayed on the fridge for years to come. Expect photographs and videos to become sillier as the night progresses!


4. Keep Your Guests Busy With Snacks and Refreshments

This approach is most successful when your ceremony and reception are held at the exact location, but it may still work when they are not! When tummies are packed with tasty canapés and joyous beverages while guests interact, time passes fast, and it is also a nice transition into your reception. 

Grazing buffets are also becoming increasingly popular, allowing visitors to feed themselves from a wide variety of selections while also encouraging guests to socialise! Caravan bars and food trucks are also becoming increasingly popular as a rustic wedding or DIY event options! This canapé hour is frequently used in place of a traditional entree and is a fantastic way to bring down your wedding cost! 


5. Tell Your Love Story

Not every guest will be familiar with your love story, which is why presenting an interactive slide show that narrates your story through fun and engaging photos or videos is an excellent idea. Doing a quiz about the couple with a prize for the winner is also a nice touch. It's even better if you can include some stories about your guests in the presentation!



That's all there is to it. The finest entertainment to keep wedding guests entertained while the photos are being taken. In addition, there will be live entertainment that will wow attendees like nothing they have ever seen before!

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