Is It Possible to Throw a Party the Entire Office Will Love?

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on May 17 2022

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Let's face it; not everyone enjoys company parties. Many individuals go because it's mandatory, and some come for networking, food, or both. 

Given people's typical attitude towards company parties, you might be stressing over party planning. After all, you likely want to do an excellent job, which entails having guests attend and enjoy the celebration. 

You don't have to fret much since a few tips can help you plan a party the entire office will love.

1. Establish a Party Planning Committee

Multiple brains working together is better than one. You should consider putting together a party planning committee consisting of members from different departments with this mindset.

These individuals should at least know most of their department members, giving you better insight into what people would like to experience during the company party. More insight means better chances of planning an event that most, if not all, colleagues will enjoy.

In addition, working with your committee will lessen the pressure on your shoulders, ensuring that you're doing a great job with the planning while juggling your current workload.

2. Finalise the Party's Theme

What's the party all about? This question will factor into your party's theme. Most parties nowadays revolve around a theme, ranging from the obvious like birthdays to the more creative like murder mystery parties.

Your party's theme is essential because it defines its atmosphere and overall purpose.

For example, selecting a theme relevant to the company's celebrations for the year shows that you're in tune with what's happening and care about your company's success. On the other hand, if you choose a theme that has nothing to do with the organisation, it might make employees wonder why you selected that theme.

3. Prepare Entertainment and Activities

The activities and entertainment you choose for the company party should be something most, if not all, employees will enjoy. With the information your party planning committee gathers, you can select entertainment and activities for the celebration.

For instance, if your office consists of people who enjoy traditional games, you may want to try getting a giant garden Jenga or other giant games for hire. Some entertainment companies offer bespoke entertainment for hire, so you just need to figure out what the majority will enjoy.

In addition, you should also consider the party's theme and location when choosing entertainment and activities. After all, you wouldn't want to hire something that doesn't line up with things you have already planned.

4. Create Engaging Invitations

If you want people to attend the company party, invite them in a way that actually catches their attention. To do this, invest in custom invitations.

Custom invitations are personalised invitations designed by you. It would be best if you used your creativity to take advantage of the invitation size and shape to convey the party's theme creatively.

For instance, you can use the invite to create an outline of the venue and decorate it accordingly or include a sketch or photo relevant to the party's theme.

Final Note

Company parties can be fun and exciting, but it's up to you to ensure that guests have a great time. Moreover, people are more likely to have fun when their needs are met.

If you want employees to have a great time at the company party, you need to ensure they have the resources necessary to have fun. This includes ensuring that entertainment and activities are engaging and that people have a good time. If your party guests are happy, they'll go out of their way to thank you for a good time.

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