Incredible Outdoor Event Ideas that will Wow the Guests

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Jun 23 2021

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Outdoor Events Ideas

Are you planning to have a summer party? Eyeing the COVID-19 risks and the pleasant weather, it has to be at an outdoor venue.

Whether you want to have a rocking birthday bash, a picnic with close friends, or a corporate party to rejuvenate the morale of your employees, the interactive activities play the icebreaker.

You have done the BBQ grills, played card games, the classic musical chairs…

No one wants to be repetitive. Planning something unique yet fun for each event can be a hard nut to crack.

This is where you may need the assistance of one of the leading entertainment companies UK.

To have a fabulous quality time partying with everyone around, you need some refreshing outdoor event ideas.

In this post, we have shared some unique outdoor event ideas. All of them are exceptional but meaningful to stimulate the attendees.

Creative Interactive Games and Activities

Games are the most interesting activities to engage everyone at an outdoor party. Since you have a lot of free space all around, it should not be too challenging to maintain social distancing.

Collectible Card Game

What You Need

  • Blank Note Cards
  • Pens

How to Play

Give a blank note card to each player/participant in the game. Ask everyone to write something funny or weird thing that happened to them.

Later collect the cards and hide them. Allow the players to find a card and read it out. It can be fun to guess who wrote the specific card.

Make a Drink

Trying hands-on mixology can be fun for all. You can opt for an outdoor bar hire with a professional bartender. The experienced person can actually motivate and guide the participants in the entire process. It’s simple- the winner gets a prize.

What You Need

  • Selective collection of drinks bottles
  • Glasses
  • Cocktail makers

How to Play

Keep a long table to put the drinks bottles and glasses for each participant. Allow each person to carry it to a separate table placed at safe distances. Now the players have to make a cocktail using the available spirits.

Make Funny Caricatures

What You Need

  • Blank note cards
  • Sketch pens

How to Play

Provide a set of sketch pens and a blank note card to each participant. Ask them to make some funny logos that represent their name. Collect all the logos and ask the audience to guess what each of them means. The one who makes the best drawing wins the game.

Treasure Hunt

What You Need

  • Plastic buckets
  • Candies
  • A jewellery box full of faux gemstones

How to Play

Decide the number of participants for each round of the game. Keep as many buckets as the number of participants. Fill the buckets with candies. Hide the jewellery box in one of the buckets. Allow the participants to find the box. The one who gets the gemstones wins the round.

Leave a Message

What You Need

  • A chalkboard
  • Chalks

How to Play

Keep a chalkboard or a glossy board at one corner of the lawn. Ask all the guests to write down a message for the host and put their signature below. Allow only one person at a time to write on the board.

Keep the Food and Refreshment in a Covered Area

Maintaining food hygiene can be a tough chore in an open lawn or garden space. We recommend setting up giant tents for this purpose. There is a lot of room inside to set up food stations, bars, etc.

Since you need a lot of space for social distancing, we can provide any size for marquees in Essex.

For coronavirus restrictions, you can allow small batches of people for snacks and drinks inside the tents at a time. Additionally, a host of dedicated staff can also serve the food outdoors with great care.

Host an Outdoor Concert

It is obvious to get overwhelmed after playing too many games one after another. Before people lose interest in the party, it’s time for some rocking music. You may choose to have an afternoon concert inside the marquee to avoid the scorching heat outside.

Whether you want to set up a dance floor inside the marquee or on open ground, the choice is all yours.

However, if you are looking for corporate entertainment, there are a few DJs for hire in Essex. Make sure you contact them early to get the bookings.

COVID-19 Safety Tips for Outdoor Events

  • Everyone should wear a protective properly-fitting mask throughout the event (except for food and drinks)
  • Keep a safe distance from other attendees at the venue (follow the marks set by the event organisers)
  • Everyone should sanitize their hands and wear gloved before the game starts
  • After the game, everyone should drop the pens and used gloves in the dirty basket
  • Sanitize hands before moving on to the next game
  • Maintain 6ft gap for the seating arrangements
  • Serve pre-packed meals for quick pick up at the food stations
  • Provide carry-safe containers and paper bags for the guests to carry their own leftover foods

Wrapping Up,

As the mercury rises, it’s time to move your events outdoors. It gives you the advantage to host everything under sunlight. You save on the energy bills too. Outdoor venues are the best for socially distant events during the pandemic as well.

If you want to set up a tent, go for big-size marquees hire UK. Don’t worry. It is easy to maintain the 6ft gap inside these roomy tents.

I hope these event ideas will help you to do something out of the box to surpass the expectations of your guests. Everyone is dealing with a lot of stress sitting in front of the laptop for long hours in a confined room. A short break from the restraints at home can be helpful to cope with mental health.

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