How to Use Marquee Letters to Make Your Wedding Unique

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 11 2021

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Marquee lights are a significant trend in any décor, especially since they provide a sweet vintage touch to your room while making it cosier and more inviting. Of course, this décor is popular at weddings for the reasons described above and more: marquee lights are also inexpensive, which can be done through a DIY route. Industrial, modern, rustic, boho chic and other wedding themes and styles match marquee letters.

The question is, what are the most common ideas for marquee lights? This article will give you some creative ways to incorporate marquee letters into your wedding, make a statement, and light up the special occasion.

#1: Monogram Marquee Lights

Monograms are undoubtedly the most popular marquee design since they personalise the space and look great in any size or style. They can be displayed on your love or dessert table, in the reception area, or on the floor if they are too large.

The most popular concept is using giant monogram marquees in your ceremony to spice up the dance floor. They can also be simply used as a backdrop for amazing photos. It's up to you to decide on the size and even style of these monograms, however, but they're sure to brighten up any room and be seen from afar.

#2: LOVE Marquee Lights

LOVE marquee lights are also trendy, as you can use them in almost any location and situation. The most popular idea for installation is to position or hang it near your sweetheart table and accent it with lights or candles. 

These letters will add more love to your big day, whether they are displayed outside or inside, on the walls or the floors, huge or tiny. Your friends and family will simply adore it!

#3: Mr & Mrs Marquee Lights

Mr & Mrs marquee letters can help you announce your new status! They will look great on your sweetheart table or the wall behind it if you make them in your wedding colours, ensuring that you come home with photographs to cherish for the years to come.

#4: BAR Marquee Lights

Because the bar is an integral part of any wedding, why not highlight it with sleek and bright marquee lights? They can be modest or significant, but they will undoubtedly give the room an ambience of joy and fun. They’re also efficient, as they essentially show your visitors where the drinks are!

Other Creative Ideas

Giant hearts, 'I DO' signs, 'DANCE' and 'ELOPED' signs, and other ideas abound. Actualise the thoughts that come to mind and create something original!

  • Decorate the ceremony spot with lots of candles, and I DO marquee letters.
  • Place DANCE marquee letters in the lounge area.
  • Put ELOPED notes on top of a sweetheart table.
  • Impress your guests with a sweet phrase spelt out in marquee letters.
  • Make a heart-shaped marquee lighting on the wall.

Turn a Simple Wedding Into a Cool One with Marquee Letters

You are not alone if you think you see marquee lettering everywhere. Many couples use enormous letters to spell their names or deliver a message to guests, taking the use of signs to a new level. The best thing about it is you can make use of marquee letters at your wedding, too. When you have marquee letters, you have something to brighten your wedding day!

Whether you have a small or large reception area, marquee letters will help maximise the available space. If you are looking for light-up letters for hire in Kent, 1 Entertainment has got you covered! Our team can help you arrange the letters to help you focus on more important things for your big day. Give us a call today!