How to Make Your Wedding Kid-Friendly

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 14 2021

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Weddings, in general, are a fun and exciting occasion. However, most of the time, it’s a fun event for adults and children often end up stuck at their own table and they rarely have fun.

If kids are a big part of your life and you want them to have as much fun as everybody else, then you can certainly consider them when you’re planning your wedding celebration. Here are some ways you can keep the little ones busy and happy during your wedding:

Find a Kid-Friendly Venue

You should consider what it would be like to have kids in the venue that you like for your wedding. Will there be enough room for kids to play in and run around? Will there be any safety hazards like staircases, doors that lead straight to busy roads or even lakes or ponds which could be dangerous to kids?

If the venue you like has any of these hazards, check if they can accommodate kids or have people manning those hazardous areas to prevent any unpleasant situation. Inform them how many kids you are anticipating to be at your wedding to see if they can handle it.

Have a Dedicated Kids Zone

This is perhaps the best thing that you can do for kids and parents alike. When kids have their own space, they can enjoy the event and the parents can relax, too! Depending on your venue and your budget, you can simply have a lawn with some teepees and rugs for the kids or go as bold as having a wedding bouncy castle or a gaming area!

Give Kids Something to Do

Kids love it when they’re asked to do grown-up things. If they are given small tasks to do at your wedding, they’re more likely to behave and less likely to throw tantrums. They can be flower girls, page boys, ushers and usherettes in charge of handing out programs or leading guests to their seats. They can also be “photographers” with disposable cameras. Make sure you give them a list of things they should take photos of!

Make Sure There’s Food for Them to Enjoy

Your adult guests might be impressed by filet mignon, caviar, and avocado mousse, but your tiny guests probably won’t be. Make sure there’s something on the menu for the kids. The best thing about it is that they’re not that hard to please! Serving chicken, spaghetti, or fries would make them happy. Hiring a chocolate fountain for dessert is also a good idea.

Plan with the Parents

You want to assure the parents that there won’t be any hassle but also, you should definitely help them plan ahead. You can do so by giving them a draft of the timeline for the event. This is especially helpful for parents with toddlers who might have to time the kids’ naps or feedings.


It is possible to make your wedding kid-friendly. From choosing the right venue, to giving them their own space and “jobs” to do, and hiring a chocolate fountain for them, there surely are ways that you can ensure your littlest guests will have fun on your big day, too. Making sure that they are enjoying their time also means you won’t have to deal with crying kids and the parents will have a wonderful time as well.

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