How to make your special day spectacular on a small wedding budget...

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on May 11 2020

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Having a Small Wedding Budget

Having a small wedding budget doesn't mean you can't have the perfect wedding day...

Feeling stuck with a small wedding budget? Make sure that your special day is still spectacular...

When you first get engaged the last thing that you are going to be thinking about is how expensive a wedding is. However, given time, you will soon find out that all things wedding cost you money.

For many couples, the reality of planning a wedding is that you are stuck within the constraints of your budget and whilst a small budget is realistic, it doesn’t always feel great.

We believe that just because you are spending out less, that doesn't mean that your wedding can't be amazing. So, to help those who feel stuck with a small budget we have put together the ways you can have an amazing day and still save the pennies.

Keep your guest list small

It isn’t the nicest way to think about your friends and family, but the more guess that you have at your wedding means more money for you to pay out. You might not want to leave anyone off of your list, but in order to keep the cost of your wedding day down, you need to think about who really is vitally important, particularly when it comes to your daytime celebrations. As this will really help to keep the costs down.

Plan an off-peak wedding

Majority of weddings happen in the summer and this means that a premium needs to be paid to secure the suppliers and venues during this time. If you are not too fussed on the idea of blazing sunshine for your big day, then you might want to consider an off-peak wedding. As many suppliers offer lower prices than they do during the summer months.

Ask people for help

By this we don’t mean that you crowdfund your wedding (although we do know of couples who have done this) but if you have friends and family members who are particularly talented at certain things (such as dress making, flower arranging or perhaps cake baking) then why not ask them if they can help you out? You can offer to give them a small amount of money for their time (although most will simply want to do it for you for nothing).

Make it yourself

As well as having talented family members, you may also have a particular skill yourself that you can put towards your wedding day. If you are planning a wedding day in the future and have time to make things, then you can definitely save money by deciding to make the cake, or perhaps the invitations yourself. Be aware though that planning a wedding is pretty stressful, so, if you want to try and minimise your stress, then you are going to want to try and limit what you give yourself to do.

Saving yourself some money in certain areas of your wedding means that you can spend out on the things that you want to. This may be something like great quality wedding entertainment as this will really help to ensure that the evening celebrations go off without a hitch!