How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Theme..

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Apr 20 2020

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Wedding Theme Ideas

One the best ways to make your wedding a truly memorable event is to use a wedding theme. Wedding themes will stamp your personality on the wedding, making it an exciting and unique celebration.

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Theme

One the best ways to make your wedding a truly memorable event is to use a wedding theme. Wedding themes will stamp your personality on the wedding, making it an exciting and unique celebration.


However, it can be challenging to choose the perfect wedding theme. If you don’t choose the right one, your wedding might look like an oddity instead of the special, magical, and romantic event you had hoped for.


Fortunately, help is available. In this post, we’ll share all of the information you need to choose the perfect wedding theme. For more useful tips, feel free to contact 1Entertainment on 0207 193 8029or via


What Is A Wedding Theme?

A wedding theme is an idea or concept that influences all aspects of a wedding.


To give you a quick example, the wedding theme “Spring Flowers” would have a wedding location, attire, food, and decorations that involve spring flowers in some way. There are dozens of potential different themes available, with the most popular options including:


Art Deco

A wedding theme that emulates a 1920’s party in America. It is an opulent, flashy, and extravagant event with metallic art deco decorations.



A bohemian wedding is casual, chic and absolutely gorgeous. Think mismatched bridesmaid dresses, bouquets of wild flowers, homemade food, plus a cozy reception area with tepees and beanbags.



A wedding heavily influenced by the food, fashion, and frivolity of the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s. Guests can dust off their vintage clothing and dance to some classic tunes at the reception.



Alternative weddings use quirky themes like Marvel comics, Star Wars, or Steampunk. Guests dress in outlandish costumes, the venue is decorated to match a specific fictional universe, and the vows are unique. They make for creative, fun, and exciting events.



An outdoor wedding that takes place on, or overlooking, a beach. It usually involves semi-formal clothes (smart casual for guests), outdoor chairs, and a very relaxed vibe.


Check out this article from The Knotfor some more common wedding themes.


Finding Your Perfect Wedding Theme

So, how do you find your perfect wedding theme? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.


Do You Have An Emotional Connection To A Certain Theme?

Start by thinking about the things you love. It may lead you towards a theme that you have an emotional connection to. Ask yourself the following questions:


• What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

• What is your ideal romantic setting?

• What is your idea of the perfect first date?

• What are your favourite things (drinks, food, movies)?

• Did you have dreams of the perfect wedding when you were a child?

• Do you prefer romance, glitz and glamour, or parties?

• Where do you feel most comfortable in the world?


If you realise that you are fixated on romantic movies from the 1930’s, gorgeous wedding gowns, and classic architecture, an art deco wedding might be the perfect choice.


What Wedding Venues Are Available?

In most cases, the style of a wedding venue will dictate which wedding themes are possible, not the other way around. Don’t try to turn a small country hall into an art deco paradise, as it won’t work.


However, that small country hall could be a dream location for a country, rustic, romantic, or bohemian wedding. If there are only a limited number of wedding venues available, inspect them carefully to determine which themes are possible.


What Is Your Budget?

Theme weddings range from cheap (beach weddings) through to so expensive that the average person would need a second mortgage (celebrity weddings).


If you are on a tight budget, resist the urge to choose a wedding theme which involves a lot of bling. Instead, choose a theme which emphasises authenticity and romance.


Even if your budget is small, with careful planning your theme wedding will be much more exciting and memorable than an ultra-glamorous (and expensive) wedding.


When Is Your Wedding?

Some wedding themes have a much better chance of success if they take place at a certain time of year. Beachside weddings, for example, are far more likely to be successful if held in spring or summer. The same goes for bohemian weddings, as the flowers are blooming and ladies can wear bohemian summer dresses in comfort.


What Emotional Response Do You Want Guests To Experience

Your wedding’s theme can have a huge impact on the types of emotions that guests experience throughout the ceremony and reception. If you want your guests to feel the romance of the occasion, use a theme with a strong romantic focus. If you want your guests to simply dance the night away and enjoy themselves, use a more relaxed theme with a party-like vibe. Remember that the setting you create will determine how they celebrate.


Formal or Semi-formal?

Think about your wedding guests for a moment. Would they feel more comfortable at a relaxed and casual event, or are they used to high-end soirées? If you think they would have more fun at a low-key event, choose a suitable theme. If you believe they would prefer an elegant and sophisticated night out, choose a more glamorous theme.


Brainstorm On Pinterest

Pinterest is an incredible resource for engaged couples. There are thousands of wedding ideas, from flower arrangements and attire, through to food choices. You can browse the site for inspiration — you might find a single image which encapsulates your dream wedding theme.


When In Doubt Choose A Wedding Planner

If you are still unsure about the best theme for your wedding, talk to a wedding and events company. They will be able to give you several excellent options which match your budget, personal preferences, and location. Their expertise will ensure that you enjoy the wedding of your dreams. Contact 1Entertainment on 0207 193 8029 or via to learn more.