Why You Should Hire a Gelato Cart for Your Wedding

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 16 2022

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Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events for most people, so it's understandable if you want to make yours memorable. 

There are many ways to tackle this endeavour, like choosing a destination wedding, wearing a stunning dress, or opting for a dining menu that will undoubtedly wow your guests.

If you have ticked off the boxes for venue and dress, you may want to look into your reception, particularly your food. That said, here's why you should consider getting a gelato cart for your wedding. 

1. Gelato Carts Offer Guests a Unique Experience

Gelato carts are an excellent option for weddings because they are among the most unique wedding food trucks.

Instead of serving guests their desserts, you can give them the option to choose the flavours they like, maybe even line up for the cart while other guests are dancing in your marquee venue.

See, most people have never experienced frozen treats served on a cart like this, which can set your reception apart from other weddings that your guests have attended.

2. Gelato Carts Allow for Personalised Desserts

Another reason why a gelato cart is a good idea is that it is one of the only food trucks that can offer you the option to personalise desserts.

For example, you can have gelato in flavours like blackberry or caramel rum, or, for a more remarkable taste, you may consider something like bright green matcha or a deep red beet flavour.

Can you imagine serving a dish like that at a wedding? It's sure to leave a lasting impression!

3. Gelato Carts Serve Intense Flavours

The flavours served from a gelato cart are often intense, which means that you won't have to compromise on taste.

For example, most people have never tasted flavours like saffron or eggnog, which you would typically find in a gelato cart.

For this reason, you can serve your guests something that they have never experienced before, some that can genuinely get their taste buds going.

4. Gelato Carts Work Well with Other Vendors

If you're thinking of getting a bar or candy cart for hire, you won't have to worry about a gelato cart overshadowing these offerings.

Most bar and candy carts are stationary, which means that you can set these two carts next to each other and offer your guests an array of treats.

Of course, if you want to serve these treats on separate carts, this is an option that you can also go for.

5. Gelato Carts Are Portable and Affordable

Gelato carts are perfect for weddings because of their compact size. You can transport them using a van or even a car.

Also, they are generally affordable, as you won't need to spend as much money on separate carts.

If you wish to create a truly memorable experience, you should consider getting a gelato cart for hire for your wedding.

Ending Note 

The right choice of food is essential when attending a wedding. After all, you want your friends and family to enjoy the evening with you. For this reason, opting for a gelato cart for hire is the best idea, as it will allow you to serve something that most people have never experienced before.

If you're looking for wedding entertainment in London, don't hesitate to call 1 Entertainment. We offer a wide variety of party and wedding services, including gelato and candy carts, bars for hire, and marquee venues. Contact us today for more information.