Why Is It Better and Easier to Hire a DJ for Every Occasion?

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 31 2021

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Most occasions only happen once in a lifetime. Therefore, spending on a DJ for every event possible is an investment people should make once in a while. However, what do you get for hiring a disc jockey? Is their role only to play music all night, or do they have other tricks up their sleeve? Why is it better to hire a DJ for every occasion possible?

This article will examine the question of whether it is better to hire a DJ for every occasion. 


Masters of Ceremonies

Disc jockeys are not only known for their great taste in music. Some of them are also trained on how to through an excellent party. Besides playing good music and mixing them up all night, DJs excel in keeping the crowd entertained—a challenging thing, especially in a mixed group.

There are instances in parties where the mood suddenly dies down, and there is a need for a good starter. DJs are great at using music to turn the party back up. Disc jockeys are all about hiring someone to do two things at once.


Crowd Control

Crowds can be rowdy sometimes. Hiring a good DJ allows people to have fun on the dancefloor while having total control over when they should stop or not—a crowd control. They have to mix good music and know when to throw in bop or a slow song.

Depending on the occasion, the mood can shift from casual dancing to slow romantic dancing. A good DJ should observe the audience at all times, ensuring that the music being played fits the mood started by guests. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if it’s time to play a Beatles classic or an Elton John slow song?


Handling Requests

It’s common for parties to have people having particular song requests in mind. As a DJ, it is their role to fulfil the request to satisfy the audience’s need to hear the requested song. Fulfilling requests is also a great way to accommodate everyone’s taste in music, especially if there are guests of varying ages with different genres of music.

Most DJs carry an extensive repertoire of music they take with them anywhere. However, it doesn’t end in simply playing the requested song. But a DJ should also know how to transition and fit the songs together to create a cohesive playlist built for the event.



Disc jockeys have varying rates—depending on their experience, the time needed for an event, and the required tasks to be accomplished during the occasion. Although some rates may be worth more than others, it’s an investment you’re making for yourself and the people invited. 

It’s excellent to remember an event through its music, great dancing, and social interactions during the party. Disc jockeys are not only there to play music but to make the occasion memorable for years to come.


Peace of Mind

It’s challenging to keep everyone on their feet. As much as possible, if you’re the one throwing the party, you should relax and enjoy the moment. You shouldn’t worry about all the small details and issues that might happen during the event. A DJ is a great way to have peace of mind as they can carry a party like no other. With music and good hosting skills at the back of their mind, a party should go smoother than you expect it as long as a DJ is around.



The skills of DJs are not only relegated to raves and clubs. DJs can dominate all kinds of occasions. Sit back and relax, or get on the dance floor yourself. You should let a DJ handle the crowd.

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