Having an Adults-Only Wedding: Important Things to Remember

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 23 2021

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When it comes to weddings, having a unique and unforgettable wedding experience is something every couple aspires for. How the wedding flows depends on the couple since it is their once-in-a-life-time, memorable day. 

Some couples nowadays choose an adults-only wedding, especially since the surge of the worldwide pandemic. Even before the pandemic, having a child-free ceremony and reception was already gaining popularity, primarily if the wedding is meant to be an intimate, solemn occasion. 

Anybody organising an adults-only wedding will likely run into a few snags, ranging from questions about invitation wording to dealing with guests who aren't aware of the restrictions. 

The best advice we can provide is to be truthful while remaining polite. Follow these essential etiquette guidelines if you want to arrange an adults-only wedding without offending anyone.


Do Address Your Invitations in a Proper and Thoughtful Manner

Make it crystal clear from the beginning that your wedding is only for adults. How? Address each invitation to the specific individuals who have been invited; otherwise, some visitors with children may believe their entire family is welcome.

Alternatively, you may go the additional mile and write their exact names on the answer card (the same way you addressed them on the outer envelope). After that, all they'll have to do is select whether or not they'll be attending the event.

You can also mention the number of seats assigned to them. For instance, if you are inviting Mr. and Mrs. so and so, include in your invitation that “we have reserved seats for you.” This way, the couple will know that they cannot bring anyone else to the wedding. 


Don’t Include the Words “Adults Only” on the Invitations

Yes, you want it to be clear that it is an adults-only event, but you still need to be discreet about it. You shouldn't feel bad about keeping your wedding a kid-free zone, but it's not a good idea to put your preferences on the invites right up front and centre. That is the quickest and most effective method to ruffle feathers.

Understandably, having a child-free wedding might be a highly emotional topic for some attendees, particularly for out-of-town family members and close friends who have children. If you choose a more subtle method, ask your family, wedding party members, and friends to spread the information to attendees by word of mouth so that they have plenty of time to find a babysitter before the event.


Contact Anybody Who Believes Their Children Will Be Invited

It is customary for family members to inquire why your younger cousins, nieces, and nephews are not permitted to attend during the holiday season.

Address the delicate situation as soon as possible by contacting and expressing that, unfortunately, you will be unable to invite everyone you would like without giving too many details why you made that decision. 


Don’t Let Up on Your Resolve

If you want an adult-only event, you need to be consistent throughout. You should avoid considering some but not others. If you say yes to one couple bringing their kids, and your other guests who made the effort of not bringing their kids along see that, how do you think they would feel? 


You risk the chance of offending someone with the impression that you hand-picked which children were and weren't invited, which might lead to an uncomfortable scenario. Just remember, like with other decisions you're making, this is your day, and you and your partner get to decide who's invited to the wedding—period. 



Most couples suffer extreme pressure from family and friends who want a say on the wedding day. If this is you and your soon-to-be spouse, go back to the reason why you are getting married in the first place—celebrating your love and union as husband and wife. It is your dream wedding, and you should feel happy about every decision that goes with the preparations and the wedding itself. 

If you desire an adult-only ceremony and reception, stand by your decision without guilt or shame. The key is to communicate in advance with the people that you invite. If these people mean a lot to you, and you also mean a lot to them, they will understand and even go out of their way to secure babysitters for their children, just so that they can enjoy this joyous occasion with you!

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