Why You Should Have a Clear Marquee For Your Next Event

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Feb 15 2022

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Clear marquees are a really popular choice for weddings and many other types of events. It allows you to have a great event without the massive price tag that comes with choosing one of those standard white marquees. 

In the past, clear marquees were more high priced and therefore only viable for the super-rich and famous. Today's clear marquees are more reasonably priced while maintaining the highest quality and a professional finish.

Today, let's explore all the reasons why a clear marquee is perfect for your next event. Here's what you need to know:

Great Shield Against the Weather

Clear marquees are an excellent option for those who like to throw their parties outside. If you rent a standard white marquee, you run the risk of the rain ruining your party. The roof on a marquee is an excellent shield against the weather and will do wonders for your party. 

It also protects against sunlight which can heat up a space. The clear roof will also protect against sunlight. It’s a lot easier to find an area in the shade without a white marquee. That's because, with a clear marquee, you get a whole lot more options when it comes to the weather. A white marquee can restrict you from having it in the shade when you throw a party outside.

Brighter and Warmer

The clear roof on our marquee helps to make it much warmer. This is because it blocks out so much of the sunlight. Whereas with a white marquee, a lot of that sunlight can get in.

The clear roof will also give you a brighter space. This is especially helpful if you will be hosting any outdoor activities during an evening event. This will also increase the comfort level of many as they won't have to worry about squinting too much.

Provides More Room for Customisation

If you use a clear marquee, you have a much better chance of integrating it with your wedding and event. This is because you have the flexibility to utilise all the space of the marquee fully. There isn't any restriction on what you can do with the marquee.

When you rent a white marquee, you often have to deal with many restrictions in terms of what you can do with the marquee. This means that the space isn't all that flexible. But with a clear marquee, you have all the flexibility in the world. This makes it perfect for events like weddings where you can make all the decorations match the occasion's theme.

Plenty of Location and Sizing Options

The great thing about clear marquees is that you have plenty of options when it comes to renting one out. There are no restrictions on the size or location of clear marquees. You can have a smaller clear marquee, a medium-sized one or a large marquee.

This flexibility makes it a perfect option for those on a budget. It also means that you can have a marquee that matches your event perfectly. This can help to make you stand out from the crowd.

The Bottom Line

Clear marquees are a great choice for your event. Whatever kind of event you're planning, this is a great option. The clear marquee is the perfect way to make sure you can throw the best party possible. It is also a great way to ensure your party doesn't suffer in the weather or the sunlight.

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