Your Step-By-Step Guide in Organising Esports Events

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Dec 25 2021

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Watching the broadcast of cyber sporting matches and visiting large-scale esports events have become more popular than ever. While it is not new by any means, it’s starting to gain a lot of momentum and widespread popularity, making it a perfect opportunity to create and organise one yourself. 

If you’re a company that wants to promote high technologies, raise funds, create brand awareness, increase attendee engagement, or reach other goals, organising an esports event might be the perfect channel. 

We understand that organising one yourself is not easy, so here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow to make your esports event successful: 


Step #1: Set Your Budget

Before proceeding with your plans, the first thing you need to tackle is your budget. First, you need to identify the average price for placing a tournament announcement on popular esports portals. Then, think about the things you might need for the event. Create an estimate and set a realistic budget based on your real opportunities. 


Step #2: Determine Your Objectives

One way to set a realistic budget is to determine your objectives. Ask yourself what you want to achieve at the end of the event. Once you have determined your goals, understand the needs of players, sites, and sponsors. This way, you can plan your budget more effectively. 


If your goal of having your own esports event is to earn money, you have to be patient. Keep in mind that not all people will trust your company. So, give yourself some time to develop your brand and its reputation. Once you’ve successfully made people trust you, the chances of reaching your goal will increase. 


Step #3: Think About Your Prizes

What’s the point of having an esports event without some prizes? No players will be happy or even join your event without a prize at stake. So, aside from the prizes in the form of sponsor’s products, make sure to have a cash prize fund. 


Step #4: Create a Guest List

When organising an esports event, you need to create a list of players and guests who will come to watch the competition. You need to have this to ensure that the site hosting will be able to handle the simultaneous use of the estimated number of viewers. Without a list, your esports event might turn into a fiasco, so make sure not to miss out on this. 


Step #5: Look for a Venue

Of course, you need a venue. Settle this after you create your guest and player list so that you can look for a venue that can accommodate all of your attendees. It could be a cinema, an exhibition hall, or a cyber club. Just make sure that it is big and presentable enough for everyone. 


Step #6: Look for Sponsors

Hosting an esports event is quite costly. That’s why you need to look for sponsors that can help make your event possible. You can work with them by promoting their brand in return for cash or prize incentives. You can also encourage them to promote your esports event for higher results. 


Step #7: Seek Help From Professional Event Organisers

Hosting an event all by yourself will never be easy. So, consider hiring event organisers to help you. Professional event organisers can make your event more successful as they know how to handle the nitty-gritty of event management. Hiring them will also help save time, money, and convenience. 



Now that you know how to organise an esports event properly, there’s a higher chance that your event will turn out successful. Just follow our step-by-step guide so that organising your event will be more manageable. But, if you choose to seek help from professional event organisers, you won’t have to suffer from extreme inconvenience and stress, so highly consider the last step. 

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