10 Garden Games and Activities To Do at a Wedding Reception

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Sep 13 2021

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As you’re finally married to your significant other, it’s time to shake off any lingering nerves and lovey-doveyness by having a bit of fun at the reception. With delicious feasts, chocolate fountains, sweet carts of desserts and a private bar, you’re sure to feel stuffed right after.

However, nobody wants the day to end right away, right? There are a couple of games and activities that you and the guests can get into in between. Whether you’re looking to get a little competitive or just a little chuckle while enjoying your special day, here are ten fun garden games and activities that you can have at your wedding reception:



Croquet may seem like the perfect and posh game to play at a wedding. It can be rather fun, especially if you can have couples play against each other with six players in a single game. Guests would surely get a kick out of watching everyone fuss over it as well, after all.



Playing some Skittles by the lawn is a great alternative if you can’t really head to an actual bowling alley on your special night. Setting it up can be easy, and it can be really interesting to let people have a whack at the game.


Giant Jenga

Jenga is a much-loved game, so upsizing the blocks for your wedding and playing the game can be incredibly fun. Friends and family of every age are sure to have quite a great time, laughing every time the stacks falls as they rebuild again.


Giant Connect 4

Connect 4 is another classic that everyone would love to participate in, especially with lifesize pieces. This might even be a game that you can leave the young ones playing, thanks to how simplistic and easy to understand it is.



If you happened to have a beach wedding, having a limbo would be a great way to end the night, especially while dancing along the shore. With a beer in hand and a great mood in the air, it’d be thrilling to see how low everyone can go.


Ladder Golf

Ladder golf isn’t exactly the easiest game in the world, and it’s even more difficult for any drunk people at the wedding reception. With the goal of making your bolas land on the highest rung, groups are sure to clash against each other.


Bouncy Castle

When you and your partner are kids at heart, having a bouncy castle in the garden of your wedding reception would be so good. Just remember that everyone would have to remove their heels and formal shoes first!


Magic Show

If you want a lax activity where the guests can just relax, hire a magician to put on a show. Watching and participating in some of the acts takes low effort, and it’d be pretty fit to have some magic tricks done on what should be a magical day.


Rodeo Bull

However, if you want something with a bit more thrill, getting a rodeo bull at the venue of your wedding reception will surely have everyone laughing. Set a prize for whoever stays the longest during the night or whoever has the funniest moment getting bucked off the bull. 


Photo Booth

Lastly, a classic activity that you can never go wrong with is a good old fashioned photo booth. Give your guests the opportunity to take a couple of remembrance photos, and don’t forget to take a couple for yourself!



Ending the night after some of these exhilarating and fun garden activities with a short Q and A or series of speeches would be a wedding reception well-spent. Both you and everyone attending are sure to have a memorable time. Don’t forget to check all the photos and videos the day after!

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