How to Throw a Fun and Unforgettable 40th Birthday Party

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 24 2021

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As soon as you turn 40, people will jokingly tell you that you are over the hill. However, that is not actually true. Since this certain age is the average mid-point in life, you may even believe what others would often say: Life begins at 40. Now that you have more experience and better knowledge and skills, you will have a more enjoyable life.

There is no better way to celebrate this special occasion than by gathering friends and family for an unforgettable birthday party. You only turn 40 once, so make this event worthwhile by following these tips:


Come Up with a Fun Concept

A 40th birthday party can be a fun way to showcase humour and express jokes around being past your prime. But instead of celebrating your birthday like a funeral, avoid embracing a too-dark concept. This means consider replacing those tombstones, depressing party decors, and black balloons with floral arrangements, bright banners, or colourful designs. After all, not all partygoers may find the focus on ageing or death to be funny.

You should also consider coming up with a one-of-a-kind event theme. Instead of using an unnecessarily dark twist to the celebration, try something unique, like a circus, masquerade ball, Hollywood red carpet, or concert theme. You can even rent a marquee or seek a professional bar DJ hire to make the party more enjoyable.


Separate Rooms for Kids and Adults

Children are little bundles of joy, but bringing kids to your 40th birthday party may not be wise. If some guests have no choice but to attend the celebration with their little ones, make sure that there are separate areas for adults and kids. 


Since grownups prefer to mingle, allocate a space in your event venue where adult guests can eat, dance, and chat. Your guests will surely appreciate having a place where they can enjoy a place without children-related distractions.


Host Games

Your birthday party is the perfect time to unleash everyone’s inner child. Feel like a kid again and make sure everyone has a great time by playing party games. At the start of the party, play fun icebreaker games to get guests who may not know each other well to let loose and enjoy themselves. 


Another classic activity for birthday parties is trivia games. The trivia questions can be related to you or the number 40. For example, you can ask 40 questions based on your favourite things. On the other hand, hitting a 40th birthday piñata can be a fun way to give some of your guests some treats.


Record and Showcase the Moments

The memories you make now will be extra valuable in the future. Because of this, hire a photo booth where guests can have their photos taken. Another way to celebrate your life is to hire a professional to create a commemorative photo album and video and show it on a projector screen.



Turning 40 doesn’t have to feel like your best years are far behind you. This is a milestone birthday, which is why you should just embrace it and celebrate it with the people dearest to you. To make your birthday party extra spectacular, hire experienced party planners or reach out to a party service provider.

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