5 Creative Uses of Fairy Lights for Your Wedding Venue

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Mar 23 2022

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Fairy lights provide a unique look for any wedding venue. They can provide a soft and romantic ambience that is perfect for events and occasions such as wedding ceremonies and receptions. 

Garden parties and cocktail parties can also benefit from using fairy lights. When walking around the venue, it is easy to forget that fairy lights are up, and this flexible lighting can be used in a number of ways to provide the perfect look for a wedding.

Here are five creative ways you can decorate your wedding venue with fairy lights.

1) Entrance Decoration

One of the most common ways that fairy lights are used is as a decorative entrance to an event. Fairy lights are a great way to welcome guests into an event, be it a wedding reception, cocktail party, or garden party.

To achieve this, you can hang the lights along the front of the venue, across a doorway or area and up to the ceiling. The lights should be hung at different levels to create a more dramatic effect.

Another option is to hang the lights along the walls to create a sense of excitement as guests arrive. If you are using fairy lights in combination with other decorations at the entrance to the venue, ensure that the lights are hung high enough for them to be visible from a distance.

2) Table Centerpiece Decoration

A romantic approach to decorating with fairy lights is to use them as the fairy lights for a table centrepiece. You can set up the table with fairy lights on the same night or day as the wedding reception.

One of the key things you have to remember when using fairy lights in this way is that they should be placed so they won't be disturbed. 

3) Photo Shoot Accessories

Another way you can use fairy lights is during your wedding photoshoot. You can place fairy lights in trees and above bridges to create a dreamy and romantic ambience.

The fairy lights can be used to decorate a picnic location, your wedding venue or the reception.

4) Light in a Jar

Light in a jar can be considered as an alternative to fairy lights. You can decorate jars using string lights and place them around the venue.

Be sure to carefully place the jar where it will not be knocked over and ensure that the lights are safe.

5) Stage Area Decoration 

Fairy lights can be used to create a soft look for the stage area. You can hang lights from the ceiling, from the stage area, and from the front of the stage.

You can use fairy lights for stage area decorations for concerts and other stage shows. When deciding the number of fairy lights to use, take into account the size of the stage and ensure you have enough lights to attract attention.

To make the most of the fairy lights, consider the size of the venue and the location of the lights. The more lights you add, the better the effect.


Fairy lights are versatile and can be used to decorate the wedding venue, reception location or stage area. You can create a soft and romantic look for any location by using fairy lights.

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