Expert Wedding Planning Tips from Those in the Know

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Apr 12 2021

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Wedding Planning Tips

So, you have found the love of your life and you are planning the wedding of your dreams to kick off your lives together.

Do you want an extravagant event, or something more subdued? What type of food do you intend on serving? Who will you invite? Where will you have the event? What are your colors? Will you have fresh flowers or some other form of decoration? Ok, we probably have your head spinning, but these are questions you will eventually have to have an answer for. As for now, let us help you take some of the stress off the planning of your beautiful wedding with these expert wedding planning tips from those in the know.

Guests Before Venue

You may have that dream venue in mind, but unless your guest list can fit, you may be disappointed. The key is to have your guest list nailed down before choosing a venue. You may have to alter your dream plans slightly, but if you choose the venue based on the number of guests you intend on inviting, you will ensure to have everyone there for your special day. At least, they will all be invited.

Investigate the Date

There are only 365 days in a year and one of these dates will be designated for your nuptials. Before nailing down the date, do a little investigative work first. Sometimes, especially if your wedding happens to be in a large city, certain dates will be booked up by other events. Conferences, conventions, concerts, and a variety of other events can threaten your wedding date. Where the venue might be available on that date, you might not be able to find appropriate accommodations for everyone involved in your ceremony and guests of the wedding, so ensure you do a little investigating before choosing your wedding date.

Have a Backup Plan

You may want a beautiful wedding out in the open overlooking the French countryside or perched perfectly over the Mediterranean sea, but the weather does not always listen to our plans. Sudden rain storms, winds, and even turbulent sea waters can sometimes interrupt a beautiful ceremony. These things happen and have been known to ruin wedding days, but experts agree, they are avoidable if you have a plan B. Go ahead and plan your outdoor ceremony with all the perfect decorations at the unique wedding venue, but also plan with marquee wedding venues London. Marquees hire Essex will help you ensure if the weather turns sour, your wedding is still going to happen.

Ask for Extras Early

Wedding vendors want to secure dates for events as early as possible and with certain vendors competition can be fierce, so ensure that you hire your wedding vendors as soon as possible. As a bonus, if you use a portable bar hire or wedding photo booth hire, ask for extras early as well. The vendor will be more inclined to approve special requests the earlier they are asked. They do not want to risk you turning to another vendor for the same service, so it is best to ask for special treatment early.

You Will Be Feeding More Than Guests

One thing you will learn as you begin to plan your wedding is the fact that you are expected to feed vendors on the day of the wedding. They are going to be at your wedding all day long and they need to be fed too. However, you are not expected to feed them the exact food your guests are eating. Caterers regularly plan for vendor meals during the ceremony to ensure everyone has something to eat. In order to avoid paying premium prices for vendor meals, ask for a specialized meal for vendors. It does not have to be high end, but please feed them well. Remember, they are helping ensure your special day remains special.

Make A Determination on Children

Some weddings openly invite children while others choose to have an adults only affair. This issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible. You basically have a few options, allow for kids, explicitly tell guests it is adults only, only allow the wedding party or immediate family to bring guests, or hire childcare. The last option is growing in popularity and hiring child care providers can be done at the venue, in a hotel room, or even at a family member’s home. Choose early and ensure everyone with kids knows the plan for how or if they are allowed to attend.

Your wedding is a special occasion and there is a lot to remember. These are only a few expert tips from those in the know. Remember, if you have a question, ask. Wedding planners, vendors, and venue owners are more than willing to answer any questions you may have.