Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring a Chocolate Fountain

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Feb 08 2021

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Chocolate Fountain

Do you want to pamper your guests at the upcoming event? This time you can spoil their sweet tooth with a sheer chocolate delicacy at the centre table. Yes, I am talking about luscious multi-tier cho

If you have seen it at an event recently, there may be an urge to hire one for the next party.

Chocolate fountains are for every event and appeal to everyone around.

What’s so special about them?

Before you contact anyone for chocolate fountains for rent, herein are some quick facts to know.

What’s Chocolate Fountain?

Just in case you haven’t heard of it before, a chocolate fountain is a machine for liberating liquid chocolate in a cascading fall. The device has a heating unit at the base to melt the chocolate at a high temperature.

The yummy thick chocolate is lifted up through a stainless steel structure. Once it comes out of the hole, the chocolate flows down through different tiers much like a spectacular cascading fountain waterfall.

No one can resist tasting the gooey chocolate fondue falling down the tiers like the cascading waterfalls.

Apart from being a sensory delight to leave everyone in mesmerism, it serves as the ultimate yummy treat. Taste the dip with baked snacks or fresh fruits, nothing can stop you from taking more dips of this irresistible delicacy.

Types of Chocolate Fountains

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the type of fondue fountain you want for your party. The most popular forms of chocolate fountains include:

  • Belgian Milk Fondue Chocolate
  • White Belgian Chocolate (an ideal choice for a white colour theme party)
  • Dark Belgian Chocolate

The fountain devices are also available in various fruit flavours such as marshmallow and strawberry dips.

Do I Need a Chocolate Fountain for My Event?

This is an obvious query for every host.

Fortunately, this is one piece of impressive entertainment for every event- corporate events, private parties, birthday celebrations, weddings, Christmas, or anything else.

People of all ages love the rich taste of the luscious chocolate dips with their favourite snacks at an evening party.

What are the Safety Measures for Chocolate Fountains?

Make sure you have installed the device in a safe place (preferably on the table inside the venue). Never place it on the floor as anyone can step off it or tip over in the crowd.

It is a sincere effort to entertain the guests with some toothsome drippy treats. However, you should think about chocolate fountain hire Kent only if it is an indoor party. This is not for outdoor events.

I hope no one enjoys the sandy chocolate dips with snacks during a beach party.

What to Consider Before You Rent a Chocolate Fountain

Colour and Flavour Options
You have a plethora of flavours and colours available for chocolate dips. Ask the provider about the varieties they can provide. From traditional milk, cocoa, and dark variations to modern dyed chocolate dips, there is an endless array of options.


The cost of installing a chocolate fountain depends on the items included in the package such as-

  • Size of the fountain
  • Number of dips
  • Variety of flavours
  • Chocolate quality

Package and Offers

Don’t just end your discussion enquiring about the price. When you choose a package, be sure to ask the vendor about the things included-

  • Fountain attendant
  • Type of dipping treats
  • Accessories- napkins, chocolate fountain skewers, etc.
  • Number of dips
  • Cleaning

Size of the Fountain

You can have a chocolate fountain in many sizes. Typically an average fountain of four tiers is 2ft-4f tall. However, the tallest of them is the 44 inches luxurious fountains. Don’t hire a large and expensive one unless you have plenty of invitees on the guest list.

Type and Quality of Chocolate

The taste of the dip depends largely on the texture and type of chocolate used in the fountain. For sophisticated treats for elite guests, we prefer using rich creamy cocoa butter with high-quality Belgian Couverture chocolate.

Your package costs can go higher for Godiva and Domingo Ghirardelli variations.

Dipping Foods to Serve with a Chocolate Fountain

Hired a chocolate fountain but don’t know what foods to serve with the lip-smacking dips?

Herein are some items to serve with these dips:

Fresh Fruits- kiwis, melons, pineapples, strawberries, bananas, seedless grapes, etc.

Sweets- Turkish delights, chocolate brownies, fudge, sour gums/jelly babies,

Baked Foods- profiteroles, biscuits, pink wafers, pretzels, peperamis, meringues, twiglets,etc 

Fries - tortilla chips, crisps, fried chicken, nachos, etc.

Chocolate Fountain vs. Cake- What’s Right for the Wedding Party

For many people, it is a custom to cut the wedding cake. You should have a cake most preferably a multi-tier one. But when it comes to adding some fun to the event of a lifetime, nothing beats the delish appeal of the flavoured dips flowing out of the chocolate fountain.

Some of the reasons why modern couples consider adding chocolate fountains to their wedding reception:

  • It’s a fun treat for everyone
  • Affordable and cheaper than a wedding cake
  • So many flavours to place on the table
  • Bestows a touch of elegance to the event
  • A piece of attraction

The Wow Factor for Every Event…

The luscious dips of melted chocolate coming out of the fountain machine is a treat for everyone at the party. It is an unforgettable experience to watch the guests indulge in sheer ecstasy around this fun food.

Don’t be surprised to see the children dancing around seeing a chocolate fountain. You can’t feel the zeal of the visual impact of the fountain until you have one placed on the table. They are available in several shapes, colours, flavours, and sizes so there’s something to match your needs.

When you reach out to someone for chocolate fountain hire London or adjoining areas, do make sure they also provide the necessary items such as napkins, chocolate fountain sticks, etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and have got some ideas to do cherish the invitees at your next event.