Event Planning for a Marquee Wedding Venue in London

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Aug 09 2022

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Marquee Wedding

There are many more options for a wedding or special event conducted in a marquee than a conventional brick-and-mortar location. There may be more room and freedom to do as you like, whenever you choose, and you may schedule it at any time of the year. 

In this article, find the top suggestions for organising a wedding on marquee venues in London as events season approaches.

Plan Ahead as Soon as You Can

Booking well in advance is undoubtedly smart, especially during the busy summer when marquee firms and locations allow them to fill up quickly. 

Before making a marquee reservation, have your guest list finalised with an approximation of their numbers. This will aid in determining the size of the marquee you'll require.

You should consider your vendors' space needs if you want to serve food, beverages, entertainment, or perhaps a sit-down meal. Checking these things first is essential before hiring because many event bands, DJs, and caterers require much more room than you anticipate.


The smaller things are easy to overlook while planning a big event or wedding. Picking the ideal site for your marquee and the event itself is essential, but it's also crucial to take into account factors like security, insurance, parking, restroom requirements, and electrical requirements.

Your selected marquee provider or venue will be able to help you determine whether your site is ideal for your marquee to be safe and secure. To assist visitors in creating their timetables, note nearby lodging and transportation choices.

The Highlight

It's time to start organising the fun aspects of your event, the entertainment after you've done organising the necessities. The marquee wedding venues in London offer a wide selection of live performances, bands, and DJs to make your wedding or another special occasion unforgettable. On our site, use the drop-down options to browse our categories or look for an act.

A band needs a level concrete floor if the event is hosted in a marquee or something similar since grass or matting are not suitable surfaces for living artists to perform on. A company that offers a marquee venue in London also provides practical advice on selecting entertainment for your event.

Including Your Unique Touch

It might be intimidating to decorate such a big room at times. However, there are a few pointers and techniques for maximising the space in a marquee. Create separate zones or locations for your visitors by printing out a floor plan, such as the bar, a relaxing space, a dancing floor, or even a photo booth to record the experiences.

Don't forget to consider the furniture you choose for your marquee, as it may serve as part of the décor if you have a blank canvas to work with. Beautiful tablecloths, posh seats, and a beautifully adorned bar will all look stunning. 

Never overlook a marquee's ceiling since many lovely alternatives make that space stand out, like fairy lights, lanterns, bunting, and elegant chandeliers.


An event in a marquee will take just as long to take down as it did to set it up. Ensure that your vendors know the window of time they have to finish cleaning up before the marquee company arrives to take down the structure.

You wouldn't want your visitors' leftover clothing or belongings to be thrown away! Since a marquee is outside, it is your responsibility as the party organiser to ensure that no litter is left behind and to schedule a recycling pickup after the event.

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