Event Marquee Hire: A Step-by-Step Guide for Hosting the Perfect Outdoor Gathering

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Sep 24 2023

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Planning an outdoor event in a marquee offers a unique opportunity to create a captivating, personalised celebration for your guests. From weddings to corporate affairs, a marquee provides a versatile and charming setting that can be tailored to suit a variety of themes and styles. Partnering with 1 Entertainment, a leading UK event entertainment company offering marquee hire services, we have designed a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process of planning and hosting the perfect marquee event.

In this informative guide, we will first discuss the various types of marquees available, including traditional pole marquees, clearspan frame marquees, and stretch and inflatable marquees. With a wide array of size and style options, understanding each marquee's unique features will enable you to select the ideal canvas for your event vision.

Next, we will address key factors to consider when hiring a marquee, such as assessing your event size and requirements, verifying venue suitability and obtaining any necessary permits, and addressing weather-proofing considerations. These aspects are crucial for ensuring a seamless, stress-free marquee hire experience.

Following this, we will delve into decorating and personalising your marquee, exploring various possibilities for creating a cohesive theme, enhancing atmosphere through lighting options, and selecting furniture, drapery, and flooring to complete your event design. With careful planning and consideration, an event marquee can be transformed into a spectacular, immersive environment for your guests to enjoy.

Finally, we will highlight 1 Entertainment's expert marquee hire and outdoor event management services, showcasing how their team can guide you through every step of the planning process. Their experience, networks, and commitment to personalised solutions will ensure a smooth and enjoyable marquee hiring experience, guaranteeing a successful and unforgettable event.

1. Types of Event Marquees: Size and Style Options

Selecting the right marquee for your event is crucial for creating a stunning and functional space. Here, we explore various marquee types, each offering unique features and benefits:

- Traditional pole marquees: With their classic and timelessly elegant design, traditional pole marquees are perfect for creating a picturesque setting for events such as weddings and garden parties. The signature peaked roof and interior poles create an enchanting atmosphere, while the exterior space can be adapted for attachments and entrances. For those seeking a classic, sophisticated aesthetic, a traditional pole marquee may be the perfect choice.

- Clearspan frame marquees: For events requiring a more adaptable, open-plan space, clearspan frame marquees provide a versatile option. Comprising a rigid aluminium frame that supports a PVC covering, these marquees are free from interior poles and can be easily adapted to suit various event layouts and designs. The frame structure allows for multiple access points, window panels, and attachment of equipment and accessories, making clearspan marquees ideal for corporate and community functions.

- Stretch and inflatable marquees: For those seeking a contemporary and visually striking solution, stretch and inflatable marquees offer a unique and eye-catching option. Constructed from stretch fabric or robust inflatable materials, these marquees can be configured into various shapes and sizes, providing a distinctive and modern event backdrop. Ideal for festivals, corporate events or other informal gatherings, a stretch or inflatable marquee can create a memorable and innovative outdoor environment.

2. Key Factors to Consider When Hiring a Marquee

Understanding the essential factors to consider when hiring a marquee helps to ensure a successful and stress-free experience. Keep these points in mind during your planning process:

- Assessing your event size and requirements: Determine the marquee size and layout needed to accommodate your event activities, guests, and equipment comfortably. Consider factors such as seating arrangements, catering space, dancefloor requirements, and accessibility needs, ensuring that your chosen marquee can meet these demands.

- Verifying venue suitability and permits: Confirming your desired marquee location and ensuring it meets the necessary requirements is crucial. When selecting an outdoor venue, verify that there is adequate, suitable space for erecting the marquee and that the ground is level for stable installation. Additionally, check with local council regulations to ensure that any permits or permissions for marquee installation are obtained in advance.

- Weather-proofing considerations: When hosting an outdoor event in a marquee, it is essential to consider potential weather-related challenges. Plan for contingencies such as high winds, rain, and fluctuating temperatures. Make sure your marquee is properly secured, designed to withstand inclement weather, and, if needed, equipped with climate control options such as heaters or air conditioning units.

3. Decorating and Personalising Your Marquee

Transforming your marquee into a captivating and personalised event space can be achieved through thoughtful decoration and personalisation. Consider the following tips and ideas to craft the perfect atmosphere:

- Creating a cohesive theme: Establish a clear theme for your marquee event, allowing for a seamless flow in design and décor elements. Colour schemes, floral arrangements, table settings, and furnishings can all contribute to a cohesive and visually engaging event environment. For example, incorporating a rustic theme for a countryside wedding can be achieved by utilising wooden accents, soft pastel colours, and vintage-style pieces throughout the marquee.

- Lighting options for atmosphere enhancement: Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and atmosphere within your marquee. From enchanting fairy lights and candlelit centrepieces to sophisticated chandeliers and bold uplighting, carefully chosen lighting options can transform your marquee into a breathtaking and inviting space for your guests.

- Furniture, drapery, and flooring selections: Every functional aspect of your marquee design also offers an opportunity for personalisation. Select furniture, drapery, and flooring options that align with your theme and personal taste, creating a cohesive and comfortable environment for your guests. Consider incorporating distinctive touches such as customised bars, themed backdrops, or luxurious lounge areas to further elevate your marquee’s interior design.

4. 1 Entertainment: Marquee Hire and Outdoor Event Management Experts

Selecting 1 Entertainment’s expert marquee hire and event management services ensures a smooth and successful planning experience:

- Marquee coordination and recommendations: Benefit from 1 Entertainment's extensive knowledge of marquee styles, materials and supplier networks to find the ideal marquee solution for your event. Their team will guide you through the selection process, providing expert recommendations tailored to your specific requirements and vision.

- Personalised event management solutions: Recognising the unique nature of every event, 1 Entertainment offers bespoke event management solutions that cater to your individual needs and objectives. Their event planners will meticulously manage every aspect of your marquee event, ensuring seamless coordination and execution.

- Comprehensive event planning services: From venue selection and marquee hire to complete event design and coordination, 1 Entertainment’s comprehensive planning services guarantee an exceptional experience from start to finish. Trust in their dedication to creating personalised, immersive experiences that exceed your expectations.


Hiring and hosting an event in a marquee offers endless opportunities for a creative, personalised celebration that delights your guests. With our comprehensive guide and the support of 1 Entertainment's skilled event management team, planning your perfect marquee event will be an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Embrace the unique charm of an outdoor marquee event to create unforgettable memories for you and your attendees.

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