Event Bar Ideas and Expert Tips for Hiring a Mobile Bar Service

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Oct 09 2023

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The beverage service, or bar, can play a pivotal role in the success of an event, creating the right atmosphere for guests to mingle, connect, and toast to memorable moments. Whether you're planning a magical wedding, a corporate soirée, or an unforgettable birthday party, selecting the perfect bar service for your celebration is paramount. Alongside the expertise of 1 Entertainment, a renowned event planning and mobile bar service provider, we present this educational guide, which will inspire you with imaginative event bar ideas, inform you with essential tips for hiring a trusted mobile bar service, and help you elevate the overall guest experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of unconventional bar ideas for your special event, including themed and customised bars, specialty cocktail menus, and DIY drink stations that engage and delight your attendees. We will then turn your attention to our top tips for hiring a reputable mobile bar service, highlighting important aspects such as licences, insurance, service packages, and bar size and style. Furthermore, our guide will explore ways to enhance the impact of your event bar through unique glassware, mixology, and bar flair that will dazzle and impress your guests. Finally, we will spotlight the mobile bar hire services of 1 Entertainment, noting their variety of bar styles, options, and efficiency in planning and management.

1. Fresh Pours: Unconventional Bar Ideas for Special Events

Dare to be different and elevate your event with these creative event bar ideas:

- Themed and customised bars: Transform your event's bar area into a captivating focal point by choosing a theme or customised design that resonates with your overall celebration. From whimsical garden parties to sophisticated corporate gatherings, select a bar design that amplifies the visual appeal and character of your event.

- Specialty cocktail menus: Engage and delight your guests by offering a specialty cocktail menu that reflects your event's theme, the season, or the personal tastes of the hosts. Collaborate with mixologists to create unique, delectable concoctions that leave a lasting impression on your guests.

- DIY drink stations: Add an interactive element to your event by incorporating DIY drink stations where guests can concoct their beverages, experiment with garnishes, or customise their drinks. From a build-your-own gin and tonic bar to a refreshing fruit-infused water station, these imaginative spaces invite purposeful interaction and fun.

2. Top Tips for Hiring a Mobile Bar Service

Choose a reliable mobile bar service by considering these essential factors:

- Checking for licences and insurance: Verify that your prospective mobile bar provider holds the necessary licences and insurance aces required for bar operation at your event venue. Ensuring legal compliance will not only protect you from any potential penalties but also illustrate the provider's professionalism and credibility.

- Evaluating service packages: Carefully assess the mobile bar service packages offered by the provider, taking into account factors such as drink selection, service duration, and any additional amenities. Discuss your event's specific requirements with the provider to help them tailor their services to cater to your needs seamlessly.

- Taking into account the bar's size and style: Review the provider's portfolio of available bar styles and sizes, ensuring that the final selection complements your event's theme and fits comfortably within the allocated space. A well-chosen bar will enhance the overall aesthetics of your event while serving as a practical space for imbibing.

3. Enhancing the Impact of Your Event Bar

Delight your guests and create a memorable event bar experience with these impactful elements:

- Unique glassware and presentation: Elevate your event's beverage service by incorporating distinctive glassware and presentation elements that align with your theme and exhibit a flair for creativity. From elegant stemware to quirky vessels, unique glassware can add an extra layer of charm to your event bar.

- Creative garnishes and mixers: Transform each drink into a work of art by introducing innovative garnishes and mixers that delight the senses. Collaborate with your mixologist or mobile bar provider to develop a medley of colourful, edible embellishments and flavourful mixers that reflect your event's theme and values.

- Impressive mixology and bar flair: Enlist the services of talented bartenders skilled in the art of mixology and bar flair, turning the beverage preparation process into an engaging spectacle for your guests. Entertainment-focused bartending can elevate the overall atmosphere of your event and leave a lasting impression.

4. 1 Entertainment: Your Mobile Bar Hire Solution

With an impeccable reputation for providing exceptional mobile bar hire services, 1 Entertainment is your ideal partner for a flawless and unforgettable event:

- Comprehensive mobile bar hire services: 1 Entertainment boasts an extensive array of mobile bar hire services designed to cater to every event type and style. Trust their expertise to provide an unmatched bar experience that will delight your guests and elevate your celebration.

- Variety of bar styles and options: No matter your event's theme or requirements, 1 Entertainment's impressive portfolio of bar styles and options ensures you find a bar that complements your event's aesthetics and practical needs.

- Seamless planning and management: By choosing 1 Entertainment, experience a smooth and stress-free planning process, thanks to their professional team who manage every aspect of your mobile bar service from start to finish. Their efficient approach leaves you to enjoy and revel in your event, sipping on perfectly crafted beverages with your guests.


When it comes to creating a truly exceptional event, offering a memorable bar experience is paramount. With innovative ideas, invaluable insights, and the professional support of 1 Entertainment's mobile bar hire services, you can elevate your celebration and leave your guests reminiscing about the exquisite bar offerings long after the event. Whether you're hosting a lavish wedding or an intimate gathering, trust this guide and 1 Entertainment to deliver a mobile bar experience that translates to a truly unforgettable event. Cheers to creating lasting memories with expertly crafted beverages and unmatched service! Contact us today for bar equipment hire in London