Essentials for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

By Ross | 1 Entertainment on Apr 19 2021

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50th Wedding Anniversary

These days, a 50th wedding anniversary is a huge event. For those who can say they have been together for 50 full years, a celebration is certainly in order and if you are on the cusp of planning such

We want to help you plan the best 50th wedding anniversary celebration ever, so take these tips to heart and let us help you through the planning process.

The Venue is Vitally Important

When planning an average party, anywhere can be made into an effective space to host the event, but when it is a 50th wedding anniversary you are celebrating, certain accommodations must be made. Remember, you are not planning an event for young 20 year old’s. Guests at this event will be a bit more well seasoned and some may have mobility issues. Ensure that the venue chosen meets specific requirements such as ramps for wheelchairs, plenty of space for everyone to move around, and does not have too many transitional floors. Going from carpet to hard surfaces and step ups throughout the venue can be difficult for elderly and mobility challenged guests to manage and you want everyone to be comfortable at the event. If a suitable indoor event venue cannot be found, consider a marquee hire Surrey to keep everyone comfortable throughout the day.

Glittering in Gold

Few couples make it to the 50th wedding anniversary and traditionally, each year is symbolized by a specific item or color. The 50th wedding anniversary is gold and therefore, do not worry about having too much. Put gold everywhere in the decoration from the plates, cups, table settings, centerpieces, and all other decorations. This important life event needs to be celebrated with glittering gold everywhere.

Menu Choices

For the person in charge of planning a 50th wedding anniversary, it can be difficult to nail down a menu. However, when you are celebrating the lives of two important people, the menu should revolve around what they like. There are no set menu items for a traditional 50th wedding anniversary, so the sky is the limit on what you can serve. However, consider a special meal from the couple’s past. Was there a specific type of food involved when they met or at a specifically special time in their lives? Ensure you ask the couple about their favorite foods and fashion the menu solely around what they like. You are celebrating them and their wants and desires should be at the very top of the spectrum.


50 years with one person is a significant accomplishment and for those who make it to this monumental occasion, a party is certainly in order, complete with high quality entertainment. A nice dinner is great, but the food will only last so long. In order for the event to be a true success, you need to have dancing and entertainment throughout the evening. Naturally, DJs for hire in Essex will be your number one entertainment priority. They offer the most affordable and efficient way to enjoy great music. Additionally, they can adapt to virtually any type of party with the touch of a button, so if your party is themed for the decade the couple was married, for instance, a high quality DJs in Essex for hire would have the right genre of music. Other entertainment options can include a Bouncy Castle hire West Sussex or a table side magician to provide entertainment to guests of all ages.

Have a Few Surprises

Unless you are throwing a complete surprise celebration for the anniversary couple, they are going to know what is going on and it is great to ensure they are involved int eh planning process. You want their input to make certain the party is exactly what they want, but that does not mean you can’t throw in a few surprises along the way. One suggestion is to have surprise guests brought to the party without the couple’s knowledge. During speeches, surprised guests can be announced as someone special from their past. Make sure you keep it all a secret and find people the couple may not have seen for many years. A few surprises for the evening keeps the couple guessing and the fun ongoing.

A couple that has made it to 50 years together certainly has a lot to celebrate. There are always ups and downs in any marriage, but it is nice when you get to celebrate together. When planning a 50th wedding anniversary, ensure it is what the couple wants and remember, it is ok to go a little over the top with the event. You only get one 50th wedding anniversary and with such a rare occasion, you need to celebrate in style. Find the right venue, plan the food, hire amazing entertainment, and sprinkle in a few surprises along the way and you will have a memorable and fun event.